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What Renters Like and Dislike

What Renters Like and Dislike About Leeward Community College

What I like the most about living here is that I am centralized close to everything, 20 minutes from the beach 30 minutes from Disneyland, Knotts, berry, farm, San Diego, Universal Studios, etc.

I love that the houses are new. That we have good shops around here. I like going to the park with my family and friends.

Schools nearby from a not far walking distance.Safe streets for kids to walk on cars dont go to fast.Nearby stores also from a close walking distance aswell as shoping centers.

I like that it is centrally located to downtown and that the buildings are nice on the exterior and interior

I like that we are close enough to walk to 7/11 or Starbucks, both within a few blocks. Small strip mall on MacArthur and main has a nice liquor store, little onion Mexican restaurant, multiple gas stations, nail and hair salon. Grocery stores within a couple miles as well. Our park is great too with playground, tennis courts and so nice to walk the dog

My friends and I go to the park and we just hang out there if not then at my house. I like this neighborhood because I grew up here and it a quite street.

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