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What Renters Like and Dislike

What Renters Like and Dislike About Barry University

It's an historic neighborhood. Pet friendly business. hi myself I going to the parks well one of the mini parks. There's a lot of gyms and fitness to engage yourself in. There's always a festival or a little market going on freshly produced of course.

Our neighborhood is role model. Resturant and shops are favorite business in our neighborhood. I like go to walk and camping.

Private parking and nearby grocery stores. Hanging out at restaurants with my friends or at a bar to spend time

The park is unique Humboldt park and it's our favorite place to be especially in the summer time the playground is remodeled

I'm close to my boyfriend, my gym, a grocery store and the train in my favorite neighborhood in Chicago. Lots of my favorite bars and fast casual dining spots are here.

My neighborhood is very friendly. We live together. It is a unique place. We have everything here. We are happy.

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