Certified Resident Ratings and Reviews™

Looking for an apartment to rent?
Wish you could know what it's like to live there now?

Check out Apartment Guide's Certified Resident Ratings and Reviews: real reviews from real people living at the apartment property.

New Service

This new Ratings & Reviews service allows for reliable feedback exclusively from active certified renters.

Certified Resident Badge

Apartment Guide shoppers can trust the certified resident badge. The first online ratings and reviews service compiled from people that actually live there.

Step 1

Certified residents verified by the apartment community

Reviews will be certified by the apartment community to ensure the resident is active and that the content is not inappropriate.

Step 2

Certified residents take an online survey

Residents will be able to rate properties based on a 5-point scale. Superior Ratings & Reviews content than any other site on the Internet.

Step 3

Apartment communities respond to assist residents

Accurate and actionable Resident feedback help apartment managers quickly resolve issues.

Step 4

Certified Residents Ratings & Reviews are posted on ApartmentGuide.com

Unique and accurate feedback. The posted reviews will include a badge certifying that feedback is from a current resident.