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Interested in renting an apartment near Swedish First Hill Campus?

Swedish First Hill Campus, found in North Seattle, is a well known city hospital. Seattle's population is 708,685 and has a few great nearby neighborhoods such as Downtown, Capitol Hill, and Central District. There are various rentals nearby.

Bedroom count is an important consideration - this area has several different types of listings to choose from. Studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom listings are all available. 1-bedroom apartments are currently the most-readily available type of rental near Swedish First Hill Campus.

Square footage varies from 404 to 575. On average, 493 square feet is the size of most studio apartments in the area. 669 sq feet is roughly the average size for a 1-bedroom apartment. 2 bedroom apartments tend to be slightly bigger, with an average of 1,014 square feet.

Pricing in the area vary based on features such as size & number of bedrooms. The monthly cost to rent a studio apartment sits at approximately $1,769. An average payment of $2,269 per month is required for apartment rentals near Swedish First Hill Campus . However, 2 bedrooms apartments will run you near $3,553.

The area close to Swedish First Hill Campus has lots of restaurants, stores & coffee shops. There are several popular places to eat such as Plum Bistro and Ian's Pizza On The Hill. If you're more of a coffee addict, give Emerald City Brothers Coffee Brothers and Coffee Tree a try.

There's plenty of options near Swedish First Hill Campus. Prefer the outdoors? Try visiting City-Seattle Parks & Recreation Department. For those who like being indoors, Washington Athletic Club is nearby. Once you're exhausted, you might find yourself needing to get away. Check out Espresso Vivace Sidewalk Bar, Chavez, and Madison Pub.

There are numerous apartments for rent near Swedish First Hill Campus. With so many awesome options to choose from, your next new apartment is only a click away! Search more efficiently with apartment-specific filters.