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Interested in renting an apartment near Baptist Emergency Hospital Overlook?

Baptist Emergency Hospital Overlook is a hospital located in North Timberwood Park. Timberwood Park's population is 26,448 and is composed of several great nearby neighborhoods including North San Antonio, Far North Central, and Bulverde Village. ApartmentGuide has many apartments in the area.

With regards to bedroom count, there are several different types of rentals to choose from. 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom listings are all available. 2-bedroom apartments are presently the most common rental in this area.

Prices may vary depending on bedroom count, size and available amenities. $1,524 is the average monthly cost for apartment rentals around Baptist Emergency Hospital Overlook. An apartment with 2 bedrooms, on the other hand, will run you closer to $1,690.

A 1-bedroom rental ranges from 597 to 948 square feet with prices between $961 & $1,549. An apartment with 1 bedroom averages at 945 sq feet. Rentals with 2 beds tend to be somewhat more spacious, averaging 1,171 sq ft.

It isn't that easy to walk around Baptist Emergency Hospital Overlook on foot. One will need a vehicle in order to reach many locations. Baptist Emergency Hospital Overlook is not too great for car travel. Options do exist though, if you need a car.

The area near Baptist Emergency Hospital Overlook has many unique apartments for rent. With so many amazing apartments nearby, searching for your next apartment is now easier than ever! Give our apartment-specific filters a shot and simplify your apartment hunt.

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