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Find your next apartment near West 18th Street.

West 18th Street is a street located on the east side of Sioux Falls, SD that runs through some of the following popular Sioux Falls neighborhoods: All Saints and Augustana. Also, West 18th Street spans across several zip codes including the following: 57106, 57105 and 57104.

During your search, you'll find that there are a lot of apartments available near West 18th Street. Prices for nearby apartments can be found as low as $805 and as high as $1,325.

Renters that live near West 18th Street find that there are several options for getting around town. The area is somewhat walk-friendly. There are some dedicated biking areas. You'll find there are some public transportation options in this area.

Is restaurant selection important to you? There are many restaurant options near West 18th Street including Taco John's, Boss' Pizza & Chicken, Giliberto's, Kingdom Boundaries Aftercare and Taco Bell. The following are some popular grocery stores in the area: Mile Valley Market, Bariki International Market and East Dakotah Natural Foods. If you're a coffee fan, you're in luck as there are several nearby options available including Josiah's Coffeehouse & Cafe and Starbucks.

Ok, let's get your search started. There are many options for apartments near West 18th Street - try using a custom filter to refine your search.