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Northwest Everett Street is a street located on the northeast side of Portland, OR that runs through some of the following popular Portland neighborhoods: Northwest District, Nob Hill, Pearl, Goose Hollow and Hillside. Also, Northwest Everett Street spans across several zip codes including the following: 97209 and 97210.

While you're apartment shopping, you'll find that there are a lot of apartments available near Northwest Everett Street. Studio apartments are the most common apartments nearby. 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments are also available. Prices for nearby apartments can be found as low as $778 and as high as $4,673.

Renters that live near Northwest Everett Street find that it's easy to get around town. It's a very walk-friendly area with easy access to shops, restaurants etc. Biking around this area is very convenient. Nearby you'll find good transportation options.

Like going out to eat? There are over 100 restaurant options near Northwest Everett Street including Daily Cafe In The Pearl, Old Town Burritos, 23Hoyt-A New American Tavern, Pearl Thai Cafe and Silver Dollar Pizza Portland. The following are some popular grocery stores in the area: Commodore Grocery, Downtown Grocery and Nine Ave Mini Mart. If you're a coffee fan, you're in luck as there are several nearby options available including Floyd's Coffee Old Town, Fehrenbacher Hof and Even Keel Coffee Co.

Ok, let's get your search started. There are many options for apartments near Northwest Everett Street - try using a custom filter to refine your search.