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Looking to live near Ludlow Avenue? Find your next apartment now.

Ludlow Avenue is a street located on the east side of Cincinnati, OH that runs through some of the following popular Cincinnati neighborhoods: Clifton, Northside and CUF. Also, Ludlow Avenue spans across several zip codes including the following: 45220, 45223 and 45232.

While you're apartment shopping, you'll find that there are a lot of apartments available near Ludlow Avenue. Prices for nearby apartments range from $773 to $1,248.

Renters that live near Ludlow Avenue find that there are several options for getting around town. The area is somewhat walk-friendly. You can bike to several shops and restaurants. You'll find there are some public transportation options in this area.

Do you eat out often? There are many restaurant options near Ludlow Avenue including Grill Of India, Ocelot Pizza, Wildfire Pizza Kitchen, Taco Bell and Subway. The following are some popular grocery stores in the area: Jagdeep's Indian Grocery and Clifton Market. If you're a coffee fan, you're in luck as there are several nearby options available including Sitwell's Coffee House, Sidewinder Coffee & Tea and Collective Espresso.

Ok, let's get your search started. There are many options for apartments near Ludlow Avenue - try using a custom filter to refine your search.