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Searching for a place on Palisade Drive? Let's start your apartment search now.

Palisade Drive is a street located on the east side of Bozeman, MT. The street is located within zip code 59718.

While you're apartment shopping, you'll find there are several apartment options available near Palisade Drive. 2-bedroom apartments are the most common type of apartment nearby. 3-bedroom apartments are also available. Prices for nearby apartments range from $1,599 to $2,549.

Most renters that live near Palisade Drive generally own a car to get around town. There are a few are within walking distance. You can bike to several shops and restaurants. Some renters use public transportation but you'll want to plan your route ahead of time.

Is restaurant selection important to you? There are a handful of dining options near Palisade Drive including Sidewinders American Grill and Chester's Chicken.

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