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Interested in renting an apartment near Louisville Waterfront Park?

Louisville Waterfront Park is a park in South Louisville. Louisville's population is 248,461. The city encompasses many neighborhoods including Smoketown, Downtown Jeffersonville, Central Business District, and Irish Hill. ApartmentGuide has many apartments nearby.

A multitude of apartments are available to choose from based on the number of bedrooms you need. Studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom units are available. 2-bedroom rentals currently remain the most-readily available rental type near Louisville Waterfront Park.

Sizes for 1-bedroom apartments vary from 299 to 405 square feet and has prices as low as $476 and as high as $641. 460 sq feet is the average size of most studios for rent near Louisville Waterfront Park. 753 sq ft is the typical size for a 1-bedroom apartment in the area. 2-bedroom rentals are larger, averaging closer to960 sq ft.

Prices of rentals usually vary dependent on size, bedroom count & other factors including amenities. A studio apartment costs $906 on average per month to rent. On average, 1-bedroom apartments near Louisville Waterfront Park is $1,288 dollars, meanwhile 2 bedrooms apartments average around 1,434.

Are you a shopaholic? You'll find lots of stores around Louisville Waterfront Park. Nearby, you will find places to eat like Butchertown Grocery, Mad Apple Burger & Billiard Company, and Doc Crow's. If you're more of a coffee addict, give Heine Brothers Coffee and Java Brewing Co a visit.

There is plenty to do around Louisville Waterfront Park, whether your preference is to be surrounded by nature or at the club. Prefer the outdoors? Atria Park Of Baypoint Village has some great scenery. For people who prefer to burn calories inside, Shred415 Highlands is a great fit. After working out, treat yourself with a night out. The local spots in town include Stevie Rays Blues Bar and Howl At The Moon.

There are various apartments near Louisville Waterfront Park. With so many amazing options nearby, finding an apartment in Louisville has never been easier! Search more efficiently using apartment-specific filters.