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Interested in renting an apartment near Longmont United Hospital?

Longmont United Hospital is an area hospital located in Longmont. For those considering renting an apartment near the hospital, there are plenty of options.

With regards to the number of bedrooms, there are several rental types available. Listings available include 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom. The most common listing in this location are One bedroom listings.

Rental prices near Longmont United Hospital vary depending on a number of features such as square footage & number of bedrooms. $1,404 is the average monthly price for apartment rentals near Longmont United Hospital. An apartment with 2 bedrooms, however, will run you closer to $1,429.

Apartment size ranges from 332 to 359. For 1-bedroom apartments, 520 sq feet is the usual size. Want something bigger? With an average of 814 sq feet, there are plenty of 2 bedroom rentals nearby.

It is somewhat easy to get around Longmont United Hospital without a car. It's not possible to arrive at most areas on foot alone. The area around Longmont United Hospital lacks good transit. Options do exist, if walking isn't feasible.

There is plenty to do around Longmont United Hospital, whether you enjoy being inside or out. Do you prefer being outside? Try visiting Garden Acres Ballfield. For people who would rather lift some weights, Anytime Fitness will get those muscles going.

The area around Longmont United Hospital has many unique apartments for rent. With so many great options to choose from, finding an apartment in Longmont has never been simpler! Search more efficiently with apartment-specific filtering.