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South Kingsley Drive is a street located on the north side of Los Angeles, CA that runs through some of the following popular Los Angeles neighborhoods: Koreatown, Central La, Arlington Heights and Olympic Park. Also, South Kingsley Drive spans across several zip codes including the following: 90010, 90006, 90005, 90020 and 90004.

During your search, you'll find that there are a lot of apartments available near South Kingsley Drive. Studio apartments are the most common apartments nearby. 1 and 2-bedroom apartments are also available.

Renters that live near South Kingsley Drive find that it is relatively easy to get around town. It's a very walk-friendly area with easy access to shops, restaurants etc. There are some dedicated biking areas. Nearby you'll find good transportation options.

Do you eat out often? There are over 100 restaurant options near South Kingsley Drive including Togo's, Jack London Square Operator, Plato, Mama Lion and Arada. The following are some popular grocery stores in the area: Han Kook Supermarket, Smart & Final Extra! and Jons Marketplace. If you're a coffee fan, you're in luck as there are several nearby options available including Cafe Loft, Mr Boba and Crank Coffee Roasters.

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