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Foxhall, Norfolk, VA

Foxhall is a neighborhood in east Norfolk, Virginia. This community is known for its high levels of occupational and ethnic diversity. Many of the neighborhood residents are active or retired military. Foxhall, Norfolk, Virginia, apartments for rent provide affordable housing options for renters of all backgrounds. Other Norfolk neighborhoods include Greenbrier and South Norfolk.

Foxhall Attractions

Attractions in and around Foxhall, Norfolk, Virginia, cater to a wide variety of interests. The Fox Hall Shopping Center offers a convenient retail destination to neighborhood residents. Golfers will enjoy the neighborhood's proximity to Lake Wright Golf Course. General Norfolk attractions include the Norfolk Botanical Garden, Lake Lawson and Lake Smith Natural Area, the Bea Arthur Dog Park and the Chesapeake Bay.

Foxhall Climate

Foxhall, Norfolk, residents experience a wide range of temperatures and weather patterns throughout a typical year, but the city of Norfolk has earned a reputation for desirable weather. Summers tend to be long and hot, but occasional relief comes from winds blowing in off the Atlantic Ocean. Winters are generally mild, but snow is a possibility. Fall and spring months are dominated by pleasant temperatures and plenty of sunlight. Severe weather from the Atlantic can affect Norfolk weather, but most dangerous Atlantic storms tend to make landfall farther north.

Foxhall Apartments

Finding the best apartments in Foxhall, Norfolk, Virginia, is easy with the search tools at Apartment Guide. Users can sort through results by searching for a certain price range, a particular location or desirable amenities. Foxhall, Norfolk, apartment rentals offer affordable communities in a diverse and walkable setting. Grade-school students in the area have access to Norfolk Public Schools. Water service is handled by Norfolk's Department of Utilities.