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Red Mountain, Birmingham, AL

Red Mountain, Birmingham, AL is located 3 miles east of downtown and adjacent to Red Mountain, a 33-mile ridge that is part of the Appalachian Mountains. It divides Jones and Shades Valleys. The mountain is also home to most of the television and radio towers in Alabama's largest city. Forest Park South Avondale is located just to the northwest of this neighborhood. Highland Park is located to the southwest.

Red Mountain Schools

Apartments in Red Mountain, Birmingham, AL are located near the Altamont School, a private school that offers classes for students in grades 5-12. The school is located on the crest of Red Mountain. It has an enrollment of 400. Ramsay Alternative and Woodlawn High Schools are also located nearby. RAHS is a magnet high school with an enrollment of 600. It is located on a ridge north of the crest of Red Mountain. WHS is also a magnet high school. Its enrollment is 800.

Red Mountain Entertainment

Apartments for rent in Red Mountain, Birmingham, AL are located near several quality performing venues and eateries. One of the more popular ones is Bottletree. It is a music venue that serves quality food with a focus on vegetarian fare. Avondale Brewing is a popular pub that is near the apartments for rent in Red Mountain. A number of people also head to Parkside after work to unwind after a long day before heading home.

Red Mountain Apartments

Those looking for Red Mountain, Birmingham, AL apartment rentals can do so with ease by using Apartment Guide. One of its best features is its map tool, as those using it can see where nearby public libraries and city parks are located.