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Advertise your community on RentMarketplace. and get exposure to over 350M+ monthly visits across the Rent. Network and®1

RentMarketplace. is the ONLY apartment listing site that spans two of the largest real estate networks in the country— and®.

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“Rent. has been a great source of Marketing and Lead Development for our apartments. The leads are high quality and responsive to our leasing staff. We especially appreciate the guidance from their team on how to get the most value within our budget.”

Daniel Erhardt

VP of Operations Peterson Group Management

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Supercharge your leasing with a suite of multifamily marketing solutions powered by proprietary first-party data.


1 Comscore

2 Based on Average Unique Visitors (comScore) divided by paid properties for the 3-month period ending April 2021 (excludes syndication). Paid properties based on either Rent.'s internal data or CoStar's Q1 2021 earnings call.

3Rent. Internal Data. 12 month average cost per lead between Jan 2016 and Apr 2022