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Let Apartment Guide help you stretch your dollar and find the perfect low income apartment for rent in the area you want to live in. Selecting a low income apartment may seem like a daunting task, particularly if the neighborhood you need to live is in high demand, but with Apartment Guide’s easy-to-use search tools, you’ll be in a great apartment in no time.

With low income apartments, tenants receive rental assistance from federal, state and local government programs to help families and individuals find a place to live. You can either search through Apartment Guide’s apartment listings and tips, or visit your state or local government websites to discover information on how to take advantage of programs available in your area. Applicants may apply for low income housing assistance at any city or county housing authority.

On Apartment Guide, simply type in the city and state, zip code, college or military base you want to be near, then narrow your search by number of bedrooms and bathrooms, floor plan, neighborhood, amenity and price range to find your next low income apartment. We list low income housing, affordable housing and government subsidized housing.

To apply for low income housing, make appointments to walk through the properties that meet your voucher criteria, decide which one you like and turn in your application to the landlord or property manager. Most property managers notify you of their decisions within five business days.

Apartment Guide is your best resource for low income apartments for rent because you’ll have access to thousands of government assisted housing listings. Start your search for low income housing on today!