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What Renters Like and Dislike

What Renters Like and Dislike About University of Colorado Denver

Nothing unique in particular. Some local cousine is within a few miles. A few local park settings are available

The neighborhood is close by a shopping center. It has a grocery store and other stores. It also has a number of restaurants near by.One of the favorite restaurants is a local one called Eegees.

Fairle well kept neighborhood, with friendly people. Not far to travel to stores or fast food. There are scenic places to travel to that are not far, like picnic areas and mountains for skiing.

Is the other part of Tucson. So it's nice there's lots of establish communities establish neighborhood establish stories and that is very nice.

It is very close to many places such as the grocery store, restaurants, and a library. It is also very quiet which I like.

Everybody knows each other to a certain extent and looks out for each other. Everything is in walking distance as far as restaurants and fast food. Schools are close by as well as parks.

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