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What Renters Like and Dislike

What Renters Like and Dislike About Argosy University

My neighborhood is at the end of the street with an ocean view. It is quiet and peaceful. Also has trusting people in neighboring houses

What is unique about our neighborhood as we all live on one to 5 acres and I'll have very magnificent reviews of the Colombia and Wenatchee rivers in cascade mountain range

Our neighborhood has some nice buildings that are older and sustaining. We have a few local businesses nearby , but the city's downtown area is definitely within walking distance or a quick drive. We are known for our progressive ideas in general.

I love that it is next to a small river, providing a nice place to walk. I like that there are police up and down the road often going to the jail and back. I like that its pet friendly.

i love the location and the view out of my building. It's afforable and it's near to all of the things I enjoy doing.

I like that our community isn't easily accessible and takes planning to visit. I feel like it keeps a lot of the trouble makers away.

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