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What Renters Like and Dislike

What Renters Like and Dislike About Everest University--Pampano Beach

It's in between of two main strees full of bars, restaurants, banks, supermakets, pharmacies and all kind of businesses

My neighborhood has a lot of highly rated restaurants compared to many neighborhoods. My favorite local business is a coffee shop close by. I like to go out to the park or to eat with family and friends.

Great old neighborhood close to downtown, centrally located. There are some local neighborhood restaurants, several parks and a bike path, and public transportation

It is very close to downtown while keeping enough distance to not have any traffic, it is close to most of the well known restaurants etc, I go eating out with friends and family now and then

We are all blessed to live in such a beautiful city that provides us with a good environmd working.On the other hand, the state government is encouraging more volunteers to help clean up rubbish.

restaurants and people and friends live near and my job is near too good to live with family shops and good neighborhoonothing restaurants and people and friends live near and my job is near too good to live with familygo good neighborhood for live with family more sport sites and pool area tood

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