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Tom Brady

With yet another Super Bowl title hanging in the balance, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is feeling the hopes of football fans across America. And as you get ready for the big event – nachos or wings? – here's the scoop on some of Brady's documented personal preferences. How do they stack up against your apartment?

Is the TV fantastic?

Let's be honest: you can't have a great time watching football on a tiny screen.  Is yours Brady-sized?  Big enough to clearly see the toe drag as a 50-yard pass lands in the hands of the receiver?  We found an 88" Samsung LED 4K Ultra HD smart TV with 2016p and high dynamic range for only $19,999.00.  We think that might do the trick.


Is your DVR working great?

A fantastic play has to be watched again, and you don't want to rely on the network to show you exactly what you want to see, as many times as you wanna see it.  Only your DVR can do that, my friend.

Are the snacks vegan?

You read that right.  Brady has his own line of vegan snacks, including treats which are both gluten-free and raw.  a dozen packs will set you back about $50, so you may want to put out the veggie tray instead. Or consult Tom's $200 cookbook and whip up something else. Don't fret . . . Brady has admitted to occasionally indulging in things the rest of us eat often, like cupcakes.

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Got dogs?

Brady has THREE . . . so he might feel more at home if your apartment has at least one. Just sayin.

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Got the right music?

Brady says his favorite artists include Jay-Z, Coldplay, U2, Pearl Jam and Kendrick Lamar. So if you've got some tunes going before the pre-game show, you might want to make sure they include his favs.

Is the bathroom wired?

You may not have a TV in your bathroom, but do you at least have it wired for audio, with killer speakers? If ya gotta go, you sure don't want to miss anything, including the ads.

Is your mattress the right kind?

Brady typically goes to bed early and gets up early so if he needs a quick snooze before he drives home, do you own the type of mattress he's endorsed?  (Simmons’ new line of uber-luxe Beautyrest Black).  Another tip: he prefers to sleep in temperatures perfect for a polar bear.

Are you near Gillette Stadium?

Sure the Super Bowl is elsewhere . . . but when it's back to practice, Brady will want to be near the ballfield.  Find an apartment near Gillette Stadium here.





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