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Do you need to move to a new apartment, but find you have more stuff than will fit into the new space?

A storage unit could provide a way for you to fit into less floor space — without getting rid of your belongings.


When is a storage unit worth the extra cost, however? Read on to weigh your options and consider whether a storage unit — or a larger apartment — might be more suitable for you in the long run.

Storage unit pros
There are several scenarios where storing your extra stuff makes sense.

  • What if you have to make a temporary move for your job to a city where apartment rental prices are at a premium? A storage unit can allow you to rent a smaller, cheaper apartment and keep your non-essential belongings nearby, waiting for you.
  • If you have to move to a smaller apartment in a hurry, renting a storage unit is an easy way to stow your excess belongings. You can go through the storage unit later and decide what you want to get rid of.
  • If you are clearing space in your apartment, but aren’t quite ready to get rid of what you’re moving, a storage unit can be the place for the things you displace. You may want that stuff around again, someday.

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Store-er, beware!
However, there are also many reasons to ditch the storage unit in favor of more space – or less clutter! Keep these points in mind.

  • Make sure that the belongings you are storing are things you actually want or need to keep, and are not just clutter. If you put something in storage for years and never use it, there is a possibility you just don’t need it.
  • When you rent a storage unit, you are taking on an additional bill every month. Make sure you can handle this new financial responsibility. If you miss too many payments, the storage company becomes the owner of your belongings.
  • Having things in storage can give you a false sense of organization. If keeping a storage unit gives you an excuse to acquire new things, you might ultimately need a larger apartment space.

To store or not to store?
In the end, it’s a strategic call. Carefully analyze your belongings and see if you really have stuff to store, or clutter you can get rid of. Ask yourself “do I really need to pay rent on these items?” before you place them into storage.

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