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The number of things on your moving checklist can be daunting, but one item you can not overlook is making sure everyone who needs to know that you moved is aware of your new address.

Who to Notify When You Move

Make a list
You may not realize it, but there are likely dozens of people and businesses that will need your new address: everyone from your doctor to your credit card companies. To make sure no one gets left out, don’t start calling around until you’ve made a list of people you need to notify. This allows you to keep track of who you’ve told, and who’s left to notify. You may end up needing to add more people to the list that you don’t think of later, so this helps keep that organized.

People to notify of your new address include:

  • People you owe money to: Your bank, credit card companies and student loan officer will need your new address, so make sure they know.
  • The government: The state should also be on your list – you only have a certain amount of time to change your address on your driver’s license after you move. Same with your car tag and voter registration.
  • Your boss: Your employer will need your new address to mail out important tax documents in the beginning of the year.
  • Your insurance companies: Your car insurance is based partly on where you live. You could save money simply by moving.
  • Health and education providers: These include your doctors and schools for you or your children.
  • Magazines and newspapers: If you want those delivered to your new place, you need to tell them where you live.

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Notification how-to’s
The go-to method of getting your mail at your new address has always been to put in a change of address form with the post office. You can even do that online these days, making that an immediate request (although the postal service asks that you don’t wait until the week of your move). But mail forwarding only lasts so long.

Many companies will allow you to change your mailing address online, but it may not go into effect right away. Another standby method is to call and request that their records be changed over the phone, but those aren’t your only options.

These days you can have post cards printed up that you can send to companies and people personally, requesting that your address be changed in their records.

E-mail friends and family your new address and new phone number if you have one. Mail out reminders to those who aren’t technologically savvy.

Follow up
After your move, keep track of your mail. If you aren’t receiving letters or bills that you should be getting, make sure that company has your new address. It’s possible that the change was lost in the system.



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