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What Your Bedroom Wall Color Says About You
The Carlyle at Colton Plaza Apartments in Irvine, CA

You’ve heard about cool colors and warm colors, complimenting tones and conflicting ones and what your favorite color might mean, but what about the color of your bedroom? You spend more time in your bedroom than any other room in the house, so the color of the walls can be an important decision. Read on to find out what your bedroom wall color says about you.

Fire Engine Red

What Your Bedroom Wall Color Says About You
Aviana at Tuscany Apartments in Reno, NV


You are warm, passionate and ready to take on the world. You are very active and embrace surprises and change, although you may have a short temper. You desire an eventful life full of adventure and attention. For you, your bedroom is so much more than a sleeping chamber. It acts as your office, your play room and your inspiration. You are creative and ambitious and the intensity of your room pushes you to embrace those attributes even more.

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Mint Green

What Your Bedroom Wall Color Says About You
Fox Run Apartments & Townhomes in Bear, DE

In your busy life, you strive to find peace and calmness. You find happiness through stability, harmony and balance, and you encourage sustainable living and business practices. You understand the importance of staying in shape physically, mentally and emotionally, and you actively try to maintain tranquility within your home and life. You don’t just sleep in your room, but you prefer to use it for calm activities, such as reading and meditating.

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What Your Bedroom Wall Color Says About You
Atlantic at Howell Station Apartments in Duluth, GA

Your bedroom is almost sacred to you, providing a place of tranquility and relaxation. You have sophisticated taste and like order and direction in your life. Entering your bedroom is like entering your sanctuary, and the dark, comforting color helps you unwind from your day and focus solely on recharging your body and nurturing your mind through sleep.

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Hot Pink

What Your Bedroom Wall Color Says About You
Grand Highlands at Mountain Brook Apartments in Vestavia, AL

You could give Barbie tips on how to be girly. You are playful, romantic and joyful and have no desire to grow up just yet. You are constantly going — whether to spin class, real class or parties. You are charming and tender, but you don’t like to be serious and are distracted easily. You are attracted to the brights and shinys of the world and are open to anything new and adventurous.

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What Your Bedroom Wall Color Says About You
The Apex Apartments in Los Angeles, CA

You are an optimist – a morning person who rarely lets the pitfalls of the world break your sunshine-colored glasses. You love large groups and social outings, and you’re usually the first person people turn to when they need a friend. You radiate energy and cheer and take it as your personal mission to brighten someone’s sad day. You also put a high priority on health and fitness, taking full advantage of the happy power of endorphins.

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White, with Posters, Paintings and Pictures

What Your Bedroom Wall Color Says About You
Morgans Landing Apartments in Sandy Springs, GA

Instead of choosing just one color to define you, you would rather have your bedroom focus on all of the things you love. You like clean lines, order and precision, and you think pictures are worth much more than 1,000 words. You find change freeing and necessary, and you like to switch things up in your room often. You also display the most important things in your life in your room, and just about every piece hanging on your wall is a conversation starter.

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Bristol Station Apartments in Carteret, NJ
Bristol Station Apartments in Carteret, NJ

As the grown-up pink, the purple on your bedroom walls reflects your femininity and your elegance, allowing you to remember your girlhood while embracing the grace you’ve acquired through growing up. You’re a spiritual person who enjoys the mysteries of life, and you radiate a delicate sophistication. You can still be playful, but you also know when to be serious and you can demand respect when necessary.

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644 City Station Apartments in Salt Lake City, UT
644 City Station Apartments in Salt Lake City, UT

Like your room, you tend to be accommodating and neutral. You are a natural giver, who tends to deflect to others’ needs before your own. You can be a bit of a homebody, but you love inviting people over and hosting them in your warm and comforting house. You enjoy the traditions and classics of life, and you often find change intimidating. You’re a hard worker, who never promises something you can’t fulfill and almost always over-delivers.

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