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You've already set your appointment to check out the apartment you're interested in but not sure of what to wear. Keep in mind, the old saying “First impressions are everything," is true. You want to arrive on time and looking your best.

Think business casual

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Viewing an apartment doesn't require formal attire, but don't show up in street clothes. Avoid clothing with holes, rips, cuts, wrinkles and stay away from tight or short items. You should look clean and presentable so professional or business casual attire is best.

You can dress as if you are going to a job interview, but note that you may be walking around during your visit as the leasing agent or landlord gives you a tour of the property. Therefore, you should wear comfortable shoes like some flat dress shoes or oxfords.


Step it up – if you need to

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Khakis, dark slacks or jeans accompanied by a blouse, button up or polo style shirt are great options. However, some apartment complexes are more swanky and upscale than others. This could help determine how dressy you should be.

If the property has a concierge, you'll want to dress like you're attending a business network mixer. Think a sports jacket or blazer with a t-shirt or a sweater and jeans. For apartments that are simpler, your attire can be a bit laid back.

Regardless of what you decide on, you shouldn't have to go out to buy clothes just to visit an apartment. Find something in your closet.

Clean it up

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Of course, hygiene is important. Be sure to comb or brush your hair. Take a shower and wash your face. This is not the day to try messy hair or look like you just rolled out of bed. You and your clothes should be clean.

You don't know how the visit will go and you can't control the outcome but you can show up on time, properly dressed and prepared to learn more about the apartment. Dress the part.



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