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Understanding the way you make decisions might help you with your apartment search. Does one of these personality types sound like yours?

We know how our personality type affects the way we interact with others and with the world at large. Have you ever considered how your unique personality traits might also affect the way you search for an apartment?

Understanding the way you make decisions just might help you conduct a better, more efficient, even more enjoyable apartment search. Does one of these personality types sound like yours?

The achiever is driven by a strong inner desire to reach goals. Achievers tend to prize efficiency first and foremost, so much so that they may speak quickly or be quite blunt or direct in conversation. Because they like seeing results quickly, they also tend to be very decisive and make decisions fast.

Achievers are easily able to ask tough or important questions because they’re driven to see an objective through from start to finish. Achievers who need to find an apartment are likely to conduct an apartment search quickly. If you’re on a tight timeline, having an achiever personality should come in handy, for instance, as this type is likely to do whatever it takes to make sure she gets all her questions about a potential neighborhood, apartment community or lease answered, so she can move forward.

If you’re an achiever, make sure that your desire for efficiency doesn’t cause you to move too fast, however. Explore all of your options carefully, and don’t rush the apartment search process.

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Analytical people are serious thinkers. Those with this personality type tend to be systematic, logical and very calculated. In apartment searches and in life, in general, analytical types tend to seek out the facts first, and they like to see concrete proof to back up claims and figures. Once they know the facts, analytical types enjoy pouring over the details and making deliberate decisions.

In an apartment search, being analytical is helpful because you’re able to take a step back and consider all the information that’s been presented as you compare apartments. You’ll likely not take anything an apartment manager tells you at face value, choosing to do your own research to learn if, for example, a particular neighborhood seems safe or convenient. You’ll likely also use all of your resources — including personal contacts, social media sites and online apartment reviews — to do research and find apartments, all because you love gathering information.

If you are an analytical type, be careful not to let your analytical skills derail your search. In your quest to make the most thoughtful decision and find the best apartment, you may get so hung up on analyzing the details that you miss out on a great place because you took too long to make a decision.

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Practical things like facts and figures just aren’t that important to a person who’d describe himself as a dreamer. These outgoing and enthusiastic personalities are very expressive. They love socializing and talking about great ideas, though they may not see those ideas through to completion.

Dreamer types looking for an apartment will enjoy chatting up apartment community staff and residents in their search for the perfect place. They’ll enjoy getting to know their new neighbors and envisioning themselves taking advantage of apartment amenities where they can network or be social butterflies.

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If you’re a dreamer type, you may need to take extra care to set hard deadlines for yourself throughout an apartment search, however. You might even need to pair up with an achiever type to make sure you get all the facts and keep yourself moving towards a set move-in date.

If you don’t feel like you fall squarely into any one of these personality type categories, don’t worry — that’s normal! Almost everyone is a mix of several categories. But as we all tend to have one personality trait that’s more dominant than others, remember to keep an eye out for how your dominant traits affect your decision-making style. That knowledge can help you make sound decisions as you search for the best apartment home fit for you.

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