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When you are planning your move, there are many important questions you will need to ask your professional moving company. But it might surprise you to find out that they will have some questions for you, too.

Here are some common questions that professional movers likely will ask you to get pertinent information about your moving plans.

What is your basic moving timeline?
To start to plan your move, your moving company needs your initial set of moving details, including the date you intend to move, your old and new addresses and what time you will want to start your move. Once the professional movers have a basic idea of your moving plan, they can dive into some of the logistical details.

How far will the goods be traveling?
Your moving company will want to know about the distance of your move. The price of your move will vary whether you are moving across town, across the state or farther.

Do you have renter’s insurance? What does it cover?
If an item is damaged during your move, it may be covered under your renter’s insurance, depending on the details of your policy. Check your policy or call your insurance company to ask about your coverage. This will affect how much additional moving insurance you might need.

How much moving insurance will you need?
Once you know what your renter’s insurance will likely cover, you can work with your moving company to determine how much moving insurance you might desire to safeguard your move. Your moving company will be able to help you figure out the amount of coverage you need based on the value and amount of items you are transporting.

Valuables will require extra care and sometimes extra insurance. Moving companies will want to know if there are particularly valuable items in the moving mix, taking this into consideration when helping you make your moving plans.

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Will you be packing your things yourself?
Some professional moving companies offer packing services. If you are moving on a limited timetable, it might be worth the cost to hire a professional company to pack your items as well as move them.

Is there parking for the moving truck near your apartment?
It is easier in some apartment communities than in others to find parking for a truck nearby one’s apartment. If the movers have to carry your belongings a long distance from your apartment to their truck, you might be charged an additional fee.

Are there stairs or elevator access at your old and new apartments?
Getting your things off of ground level is another obstacle for professional movers. You might be charged an additional fee depending on how many flights the movers have to traverse.

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Look over these questions when you are making your moving plans and, where possible, come up with the answers before you approach professional moving companies. Armed with this information, you will find yourself better prepared to set your move underway.

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