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Known as the Emerald City, Seattle, Washington is a beautiful metropolis teeming with life. Located on a narrow isthmus between Lake Washington and Puget Sound, the city is a cultural hub in the Pacific Northwest and considered to be a major gateway for trade. Those looking for apartments in an area with convenient urban amenities surrounded by scenic natural wonders will have no problem finding a place in Seattle.


Seattle's history begins with the Denny Party, a group of pioneers who founded the city. Throughout the years, the metropolis has experienced major economical booms and busts, due in part to its strategic location in an area rich with natural resources. In its early days, Seattle was considered to be one of the largest timber towns in the country until the Klondike Gold Rush, which started in 1899. Seattle, alongside Portland, Oregon, became a major port for gold prospectors and miners.

These days, the Seattle economy is driven by a mix of companies that specialize in everything from technology to coffee. The city is also highlighted by its beautiful cityscape and thriving cultural centers.

Coffee Shops and Baristas

It goes without saying that Seattle is revered for its coffee. Known as the gourmet coffee capital of America, the city speaks to apartment renters who thrive on a good cup of Joe.

There have been many successful global companies in the coffee industry that got their start in the city. Starbucks, for instance, one of the largest coffee retailers in the world, started as a small café at the historic Pike Place Market in 1971. It was founded by three high school teachers who understood that drinking a fine cup of gourmet java was an experience that had to be savored. Companies like Seattle's Best Coffee and Tully's soon followed suit and now also enjoy a worldwide following.

Of course, many Seattleites would argue that the city's coffee culture should not be based on the success of these giant companies. There are countless independent coffeehouses in the area, all of which are scattered throughout the many neighborhoods of the metropolis.

High Tech Software Environment

Through the years, Seattle has depended on different industries like gold and lumber. These days however, the city is supported by a variety of companies in the tech industry. Fortune 500 companies like online mega retailer Amazon.com, mobile communications giant T-Mobile USA and Microsoft have presence in the area. Apartment renters looking to further their careers in the tech field will find plenty of opportunities in Seattle.

At the same time, the existence of such companies in the area has fostered a truly high-tech living environment. It's not uncommon to see coffeehouses in the city bombarded with individuals glued to their laptops, tablets and smartphones. The city government itself has nurtured the growth of technology in Seattle – in 2005, the Wi-Fi pilot project introduced free Wi-Fi to residents of Columbia City and the University District, as well as several parks and City Hall.

Restaurants and Nightlife Entertainment

Food in Seattle is serious business, and if you're a foodie, living in an apartment in one of the city's many neighborhoods will ensure that you're within walking distance to some of the most amazing culinary delights in the country.

Some of Seattle's famous restaurants include the Dahlia Lounge and Etta's, owned by world-renowned chef Tom Douglas. Those who prefer low-profile, hole-in-the-wall eateries will be happy to know that there are plenty of establishments in the area which offer one-of-a-kind gastronomical specialties.

Besides eating, residents in Seattle also enjoy a vibrant nightlife. Thanks to such a large number of clubs and bars to choose from, there's never a dull moment in the city on the weekends. Best of all, Seattle's diverse culture caters to individuals who prefer different forms of entertainment, whether one is in the mood for a dance party, a relaxing night in a lounge or a concert featuring grunge music.

Sports and Recreation

As a world-class metropolis, Seattle offers plenty of attractions and recreational activities that tourists and apartment residents alike can enjoy. From the Seattle Museum of History & Industry and the Seattle Art Museum, to famous landmarks such as the Space Needle, there's never a dull moment in the city. At the same time, the area is surrounded by plenty of outdoor facilities for those craving for some time with Mother Nature. From the Olympic and Cascade Mountains to the Strait of Juan de Fuca, there are plenty of opportunities for camping, hiking and kayaking.

Seattle is also home to many professional sports teams that many sports fans will surely appreciate. The home of the Seattle Mariners is Safeco Field, located right in the heart of downtown. Football aficionados can also watch the Seattle Seahawks play at the CenturyLink Field.




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