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In the winter, things can just seem a little… dull. Freezing temperatures, shorter days and draining winter nights can bring even the most cheerful of people down into a winter-induced depression.


But the good news is that even though you can’t change the dreary weather outside, you can change your indoor environment into something warm, cozy and bright in a move that can directly affect your mood and happiness. By following a few simple tips, it will be springtime (at least in your apartment) before you know it.

Shine a Light

Like it or not, the freezing temperatures can make it difficult to get outside and get some sun. So when winter’s chill forces you inside for long periods of time, just make a few simple changes to let the light in. Keep shades up during the day to let in the maximum amount of light. Or, if you have heavy window treatments, swap them out for translucent curtains to maintain privacy while still letting in sunlight. If you can, try to spend a few minutes each day sitting next to the window, as sunlight provides us with Vitamin D, which can improve mood. Consider changing your regular light bulbs into full-spectrum light bulbs during the winter months. Even though they’re a bit more expensive, these bulbs actually mimic natural sunlight, giving you a boost of spring in the dead of winter.

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Smells Like Spring

Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we have, so much so that, with the right fragrance in your home, you will be seeing wildflowers, fresh linens drying in the breeze and expansive fields instead of snow and sleet. In addition to the warm, comforting glow that burning candles give off, the right scented candle can remind you of spring. Choose fragrances like lavender, rose, verbena, fresh linen and jasmine to get your mind thinking spring.

Grow Some Cheer

What better way to cheer up your apartment than by bringing in fresh flowers and plants that constantly remind you of the coming of spring? Head to your favorite neighborhood florist and choose a long-lasting bouquet of flowers in the brightest spring colors. Pick out a few green plants that can help improve the air quality in your home, such as a peace lily, a Boston fern or a marginata. Or, if you’re up for the challenge, buy an inexpensive glass bulb vase and a few bulbs such as narcissus, hyacinth or daffodil and watch spring unfold before your eyes.

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Make Room for Décor

A few strategically-placed décor elements can help transform a dark, chilly living room into something warm and cozy. Get your favorite oversized chair reupholstered with a fabric that’s splashed with bright, floral prints. For something easier to maintain, pick up a few throw pillows in lively, spring colors to transform your space from drab to fab. Décor accessories such as vases, candy dishes and other glassware can add a fun, funky element to an otherwise dingy-looking room in winter.




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