Summertime brings warm breezes, sunny skies, beach parties and barbecues. It’s a time to get out and enjoy the weather — so why not bring a bit of the outdoors in?

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You don’t have to make over your entire apartment to enjoy a summery feel in your décor. Use these summer decorating tips to celebrate the season and enliven your space during the warm months.

Brighten up
Summer is all about color. Just look at what’s happening outside: bright buds are blooming, colorful birds are chirping, and the sky’s a crisp, clear blue. If you want your apartment to reflect a summer scene, move your decorating scheme towards a brighter palette.

One easy way to infuse your place with color is to switch out a few of your regular pieces. Start with the textiles in your rooms: change out your curtains, pillows, tablecloths, bedspreads or rugs. Or look to your wall and tabletop decor to add a pop of color with a new vase or picture frames. Switching out any of these pieces is very affordable — and totally temporary. Go with a trendy, bold color for the summer months, and then switch back to more neutral pieces when the weather turns cool again.

Add some flower power
Another easy way to bring the outdoors in for your summer decor is to use flowers and foliage. Fresh blooms add even more color to your space, and as an added bonus, they freshen things up with a beautiful scent.

If you can’t commit to flowers because you’re worried about watering them, or you want a more permanent decoration, go for a tropical flair in your space by purchasing a fake bamboo plant, banana plant or rubber tree. These pieces make a big impact and infuse a lush, summery green into your apartment.

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Think natural
Another tip for summer décor is to incorporate textures that remind you of a natural scape.

How about a natural-fiber rug made of jute or sisal? Or seashells and rocks in a clear glass vase? You could even try switching out your regular curtains for bamboo blinds. Look for ways to incorporate natural textures that really say “summer.”

If you need decorating ideas, just look to your favorite summer vacation spots for inspiration: think of beach-inspired décor, a colorful Mediterranean scheme, or a breezy tropical oasis. When you’re done adding elements that reflect your favorite places, you can kick back and enjoy feeling like you’re on vacation 24/7 without ever leaving your apartment.




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