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There are many factors to consider when you’re looking for a new apartment. Assessing your commute to work should definitely rank high on the list when considering potential new apartments. Yet, many people underestimate how easy it is to walk to work.

Planning how you’ll commute to work can affect everything, all the way down to the cash in your wallet. Walking to work can help you save money, some of your sanity, and even help keep you healthy. If you’re able to walk to work, you’re giving yourself more time to spend with your loved ones. Consider these pros and cons if you want to transition to making the walk to work.

The Disadvantages

Your commute may take a few extra minutes

Your legs obviously don’t go as fast as the engine and wheels of your car. So your commute may get a little longer just because you’re walking.

You’ll be subjected to the outdoor elements

You might be all dressed up for work and then be stuck walking in a torrential downpour. It’s obvious that you might want to save your fanciest shoes for once you arrive at work, opting for sneakers, gym shoes, or rain boots during your walk to work.

The Benefits

You’ll spend less on gas & car costs

If you’re spending more time on your feet than in your car, it’s likely that you won’t need to buy as much gas or insurance for your vehicle. You might even be able to get rid of your car if walking or public transportation is convenient for you.

You’ll get your workout in at the same time

Walking is considered one of the best ways to get in your daily physical activities. Studies show that walking helps to increase your circulation and lower blood pressure, so you can cancel that gym membership for your daily walk!

You’ll feel less stress

Walking works wonders on the body and mind. People who get their daily walk in report better moods, sleep habits, and increased energy. Endorphins work wonders during that daily walk to work.

If you’re planning to start walking to work, consider the benefits for how you’ll feel every day. Walking is a simple way to get about, reconnect with yourself, and get back into shape. It also gives you time to organize your thoughts and position yourself for the day. Another bonus is the extra dose of vitamin D and fresh air we all need. So consider a walking commute when looking for your next apartment!



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