Valentine's Day DIY Door Tags

Feeling the love this Valentine’s Day? Why not dress up your apartment door and show the world with this simple DIY Valentine’s door tag?

Valentine's Day Door Tags Image 1 most people go all out for Christmas or fall decorations, many forget there are decoration opportunities for the other holidays of the year. There’s no need to go wild — keep it simple, yet festive. These Valentine’s door tags are the perfect solution: they are easily made, easily hung, and just as easily taken down and stored! See what we did there? Kept it simple!

While these Valentine’s door tags may be easy they are also cheerful with a red, white, and gold color scheme and sweet message of love that, well frankly, isn’t too sappy.  These tags are also great because you can personalize them to you and your family.  Go with a pink and white color scheme, if that’s more your taste or amp up the love with a more sentimental message. They also make a great DIY Valentine’s gift for your neighbors (or that cute person you’ve had your eye on!).


Valentine's Day Door Tags Image 2

  • 2 tags
  • “love” cutout
  • heart sticker or cutout
  • white and red paint
  • hot glue & gun
  • ribbon

Steps to Make Your Valentine’s Door Tags:

  1. Pick out tags from your local craft store.  You can use wooden ones or pressed board, but be sure to look for tags with pre-drilled holes or you will have to drill your own.
  2. Paint the tags white and allow to fully dry.
  3. Paint the “love” cutout red and allow to dry.
  4. With hot glue attach the “love” cutout to one tag.
  5. Stick the heart on the other.
  6. Decide which tag you want higher than the other and pull red hanging ribbon through the top hole. Curl the ends of the ribbon.
  7. With a short piece of ribbon attach the other tag to the first tag.  It will probably be hard to get the second piece of ribbon through that hole, so use a sewing needle or piece of wire to push it through.
  8. Using a third piece of ribbon tie a bow at the top of the first tag.
  9. Hang up and enjoy!

What are you planning for Valentine’s Day? Are you putting out some decorations to show the love, or are you skipping it all together? Let us know below!



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