You can use your smartphone to pay for all sorts of things: Your morning coffee, your Friday night movie ticket … and your rent?

If your apartment community offers that service, using your smartphone to pay the rent is a great way to avoid bringing out the checkbook on the first of every month.

And while you’re at it, stop stressing over whether you or your roommate pays which apartment bills. You guessed it: there’s an app for that, too.

Phone in your rent payment
For apartment dwellers, paying the rent is synonymous with the first day of the month. But have you considered how you might use technology to make the experience more convenient for you?

Paying the rent with your smartphone is becoming commonplace in apartment communities. Not only is this a simple, straightforward way to take care of this monthly responsibility, it’s also secure.

Payment apps work by capturing and encrypting your bank account or credit card information. Then, when you want to make a payment, all you have to do is initiate it through the app. It’s as simple as that: secure, fast and convenient.

Banking apps also typically include a variety of convenient functions that let you check balances, find ATMs, make deposits (just snap a photo of the check), and transfer money between accounts, in addition to paying bills. Using these services, you might set up a recurring automated payment through online banking so your rent’s never late — as long as the money’s in your account, of course.

Check in with your apartment community management – it may offer its own app to process rent payments for you.

Split rent between roommates fairly
Roommates looking for some high-tech help to manage their apartment living expenses are also in luck.

Splitwise is a tool that calculates who owes what between roommates in terms of monthly rent as well as typical shared expenses. The online and mobile apps make it easy to break down and track expenses from utility bills to cable TV to food costs.

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