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Does the thought of organizing your bookshelf to match your Pinterest dream board seem daunting? Fret no longer!

Whether you're trying to showcase your personal library, want to show off photos of your loved ones, or make your collectibles the focal point of your shelf, we have plenty of ideas for you to organize your way to complete bookshelf satisfaction.


books on bookcase

There are few things as peaceful and inviting as a room where the walls are lined with shelves of books. Books bring feelings of possibility, like you just might stumble across something contained on that bookshelf you didn't know you were looking for. As such, it makes perfect sense that you'd want to choose how you display your precious books carefully, in a way that fits in with your personality and your home's aesthetic.

If you want to index your books in a way that's easy to find, you may choose to organize your bookshelf alphabetically, by genre or subject, or by author's names. If you're looking for more unique ways to organize your bookshelf, however, there are plenty of methods that might suit your fancy. You could color code the book spines for an aesthetic focus or by the order of your to-read priority.

Another great way to organize books on your bookshelf is with stacks. This unique organization method can be interpreted any way you like. Make stacks of books based on when they were published, how they made you feel, what they're about or in order of your favorite books.

This method allows you to easily tailor categories based on your preference and then arrange them in a way that is most efficient to you personally. To make your bookshelf look more pleasing to the eye, you can alternate stacks lying horizontally with a stack upright.

Photos, knickknacks and collectibles

photos and knickknacks on bookshelf

Maybe you're not such a bibliophile, or maybe you have more travel souvenirs and collectibles than you know what to do with. If your books don't take up all your shelf space, the empty spots can be the perfect places to showcase photos of your loved ones, collectible items or any souvenirs and knickknacks that are important to you.

A bookshelf lined with your favorite books, journals and trinkets can showcase your personality or your adventures wonderfully. Don't be afraid to experiment with how things are spaced out and stacked – baubles can sit on top of book stacks, and you can even theme different sections of your shelves. For example, if you brought back some books from your family trip to Mexico, you could place them on your shelf by framed photos from the trip and other souvenirs.


plants on bookshelf

Including plants on your bookshelf can be the best way to liven up both the shelf and your entire home – plus, they're great for air purification! Vine-like plants, such as Pothos, will grow long over your shelves, and some don't even need much sunlight at all to thrive.

If you're more pressed for space than a big hanging plant allows, potting tiny succulents from the supermarket or your local nursery can be a cheap and simple way to bring some greenery to your shelving.

Your books, souvenirs, plants and photos deserve to be showcased in a way that fits your lifestyle and your character. Mix and match the ideas above or fill your shelves with only your favorites! However, you choose to organize your bookshelf, make it personal to show off your style.

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