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Are you one of Beyonce’s Single Ladies? Member of the Lonely Heart’s Club? Whether you celebrate your singleton status or just can’t find a decent date, having a bigger pool of eligible candidates to draw from certainly helps your chances. Apartment Guide has dug deep into the data to help uncover the cities where you can find the most single folks in the United States and how the data differs between men and women in that metro area. If you’re single and looking for your next move, here’s where to start.

U.S. Cities With the Greatest Percentage of Single Men

CityState% Single Men% Single Women
El MonteCA10.14%12.21%
East Los AngelesCA7.97%13.68%

U.S. Cities with the Greatest Percentage of Single Women

CityState% Single Women% Single Men
Miami GardensFL21.82%5.95%
North MiamiFL18.29%5.74%

This data is sourced from Maponics based on self-reporting households. Single households are defined as households with no children under the age of 18 in which the head of the household is unmarried. Household is defined by the US Census Bureau as one or more people who occupy a housing unit.

When it comes to finding single men, it would appear that heading out west is the way to go. Six of the top 10 cities with the greatest percentage of single men are in California; more specifically around Los Angeles. It seems that L.A. isn’t just great for movie stars and fancy cars, it’s also great for finding single guys!

Great spots for finding single ladies, on the other hand, seem to be sprinkled around the entire country. The Midwest claims the top two spots, with Gary, IN and Detroit, MI coming in strong with slightly over 22% of self-reporting households claiming to be single women. That’s a pretty packed ladies night.

So why does it seem that the percentage rates of single women households are significantly higher than the men? It would appear it comes down to population. According to US Census Bureau demographic information of the United States in 2014, there were about 125.9 million adult women as compared to 119.4 million adult men. That’s a difference of 6.5 million.

Are you currently single and looking for love? Would you ever consider moving to widen your dating pool? Let us know below!



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