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From bad breakups to a dead-end job market or even just a change of lifestyle, the reasons that people have for wanting to ditch their “old life” and start a new one are endless. Whether you just graduated college and are looking to begin a career or you just want a fresh start in a new town, here are some great cities that are conducive to the art of self-reinvention that will fit your next stage of life.

Best City for Single Men

New York
If you have ever complained that there are no single women to date in your town, maybe you should consider moving to New York.  According to a recent singles map of the United States from the Boston Globe, the best cities for single men are large metro areas located on the East Coast and Midwest. The best city for single men is New York City, where single women outnumber single men by more than 210,000.


Best City for Single Women

Los Angeles
Ladies, if you are tired of dating hand-me-down men in a market ruled by women, move west where the odds are stacked in your favor of finding “Mr. Right.” According to the latest data by the US Census Bureau, Los Angeles has 90,000 more single men than women. If you are looking to reinvent your love life, you can certainly reposition yourself in Los Angeles as a hot commodity.

Best City for Starting a Family

Virginia Beach, Va.
Perhaps you are looking to reinvent your life with a family in mind. In this case, a low crime rate, good schools, many parks and fun activities are key attractions. According to US News and World Report, Virginia Beach is just the place you are looking for. The city has the most playgrounds of any city in the United States and has 14 miles of free beaches to let your kids run wild. Your kids can explore an impressive ecosystem of species in the 9,000-acre Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, which includes bald eagles and loggerhead sea turtles.

Best City for Starting a Career

According to Forbes Magazine, Houston is among the nation’s best cities to begin a career. Home to some of America’s strongest big and small companies, Houston attracts the country’s most talented professionals in the nation. Yahoo Hot Jobs ranks Houston as a top job city because it is considered a leader in the oil and gas industry, and a major health services center. Not only is Houston a good city to reinvent yourself for a new career, but it is also a good place to shop, eat out and enjoy a quality lifestyle that is for the most part, affordable.

Best City for Staying Active and Healthy

Boulder, Colo.
If you are turning over a new leaf and want to reinvent yourself as a health nut, consider moving to Boulder for maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle. According to a recent Gallup poll of more than 353,000 Americans, Boulder ranks as the as the “happiest and healthiest” city in America. Western cities have long been ranked as healthy in terms of active adults and healthy lifestyle, but Boulder seems to take the cake this year based on key factors such as health status, nutrition and exercise, mental health and life balance.

Best City for Retiring

Las Cruces, N.M.
Retirement is the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself. Take your hard-earned savings and start a new life to enjoy your golden years. Located in balmy southern New Mexico, Las Cruces is the perfect town to do just that. Who says retirement has to be boring? Many retirees consider this college town the perfect blend of activity and leisure. This city is for active adults who like living in a dry climate with very picturesque scenery. Plus, affordable housing means you can stretch your retirement dollars for years to come.  There are plenty of cultural events to keep you busy and if you are interested in working during your retirement years, you can always pick up a part-time job.



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