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If you’re a renter, you know that some of the most in-demand cities can be tough on your bank account. From apartment shortages to sky-high rents, it’s little wonder that more apartment-dwellers are looking to move to cities that offer more to the average renter. So where are these U.S. rental wonderlands that can give you an apartment you love for the price you want?

Forbes Magazine recently published their list of best cities for renters, taking into account information on things like availability, rent hikes and average cost in comparison to the median household income. The results may surprise you!

#1 – Indianapolis, IN

When it comes to renting in the best cities, it would appear that there is indeed more than corn in Indiana. Indianapolis came in first on Forbes list of cities to look at for renters, with rent eating up just a mere 17% of the median household income. Not only affordable, America’s 12th largest city is very attractive in both the job market and night life categories.
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#2 – St. Louis, MO

Home to the St. Louis Arch and the gateway to the west, St. Louis has played home to one of the best cities for renters in the know for years. With an average rent of only $829, most folks in “The Lou” are only shelling out about 17% of their income on great apartments in a variety of cool neighborhoods.
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#3 – Kansas City, MO

Home to one of America’s most beloved styles of BBQ, Kansas City, MO made the top 10 list of Apartment Guide’s cities that give you the most bang for your buck. With a thriving arts and restaurant scene, more renters are taking a look at this Midwestern gem. Apartments average around $866 per month, taking a scant 16% out of your household income.
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#4 – San Antonio, TX

When it comes to desired renter destinations, San Antonio is quickly becoming one of the top spots. Beautifully laid out, great in the job market and loaded with entertainment options, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better spot. Sun worshippers and snow birds take note — the average temperature for the year rarely dips below a balmy 70 degress.
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#5 – Columbus, OH

Cleveland rocks? Maybe. But when it comes to great rental rates and a cool atmosphere, it’s Columbus, OH all the way. With rents eating up a mere 17% of the median income and averaging around $847, it’s easy to see why this city is coming in the top 5 list for Forbes. Check out the various areas of town, like the cool University District or the history of Short North.
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Have you ever thought of changing cities to save on rent? Maybe you’ve already made the move to one of the best cities for renters? What places do you think are the best cities for renters? Let us know below!



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