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There’s a smartphone application for just about everything these days. Your collection of apps might help you keep up with the latest weather forecast, plan a trip or find a discount on your favorite local restaurant. But pet owners should know that many helpful apps also exist for keeping tabs on your tabby or for profiling your pooch.

Our list of the top five apps for pet owners will keep your four-legged friends connected to the future of the pet set.

For the iPhone

Dog Park Finder Plus – Tech Wanderings ($1.99)

Whether you and your dog are settling into a new neighborhood or just enjoying a “best friends” vacation, Dog Park Finder Plus from DogGoes.com can help you quickly and easily find the nearest dog-friendly spots. For only $1.99, you’ll have access to over 6,000 dog parks, dog-friendly beaches and 12,000 dog friendly restaurants (North American version only). DogGoes.com has compiled over four years of editorial research including user photos and reviews, and the app also provides site details for humans like location markers, restrooms and hours of operation. A free version is available with less information.

Pet Dossier – Yep Yup ($1.99)

Pet Dossier will work for your dog, but its creators at Yep Yup agree that other pets should be “app”-reciated, too! This digital organizer will keep profiles for your dog, cat, bird, fish or other animals. Build a profile to keep track of your pet’s history, medications and appointments. You will also be able to email the information directly to your pet’s caregivers, and have the flexibility to edit your notes and add new fields. This app is also known as “the pet app that gives back” because 25 percent of the sale price supports ASPCA.

Pet First Aid – Jive Media ($3.99)

One of the top-rated apps on our list is the Pet First Aid app from Jive Media. Although a bit pricier at $3.99, it will allow you to be prepared for a pet medical emergency at any time. And who can put a price on your precious pet’s health?

Pet First Aid provides users with detailed articles, videos and step-by-step illustrations to help you care for your pet in case of poisoning, bleeding, drowning, fractures and sprains, heat or cold injuries and disaster preparedness. It even gives instructions for proper bandaging, rescue breathing and pet CPR. You can also record your pet's veterinarian contact info and medical history of vaccinations, medications and medical conditions.

For Android

Pets Next Door: Dogs, Cats, and More – Animal Compass Org

Does your cat have her own Facebook page? Does your bird actually “Tweet” instead of chirp? Now pets have a dedicated social app all their own! Pets Next Door is a social app for your pet, which allows you to share your pet’s stories and posts with others. Make a profile of your pet and share it with your friends, family or other plugged-in pet owners. Trade pet stories and photos in your neighborhood or around the world. This app is free.

Petometer – Triad Retail Media

Perhaps Fluffy the French poodle is looking, well, a little too fluffy. The free Petometer app from Purina is the answer for pets who need to shed a few ounces of extra treats—and it helps pet owners stay in shape, too! First, enter your pet’s information into the app (you can even add a photo), and then go for a walk together. Track your walk time, distance and route with the Petometer and sync a map of your walk with Google Maps or share your time on Facebook. You can even view a history of your walks, set reminders of when to take your dog out again and view a list of recommended exercises for your dog.

With a few simple downloads, you and your pets will be ready to unlock the convenience and fun just waiting in these apps.

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