Natural beauty, great weather and unique attractions are just a few reasons why you should consider moving to Arizona.
reasons to move to arizona
The beautiful scenery is just one reason to move to Arizona.

Are you ready to ditch the cramped quarters of city living? Longing for wide-open spaces or a new environment to expand your mind and excite your senses? Find all of these, and perhaps yourself, in Arizona.

With hundreds of thousands of breathtaking acres to explore, Arizona also offers renowned restaurants, shopping, abundant wildlife, centuries-old archaeological sites and a variety of sports to welcome new residents.

Check out these reasons to save your pennies and move to the Copper State!

1.    The Weather

Dry and sunny days with cool nights are the norm, and the state’s major cities enjoy over 250 days with sun each year. When cold, dreary winters plague your friends back home, you can lend a sympathetic ear while sunning yourself on your favorite deck chair.

2.    Find Inspiration

Ignite a creative spark or simply center yourself amid Arizona’s majestic mountain ranges, rock formations and brilliant sunsets. Take a drive into the desert and switch off social media or web surfing for a day. Stop. Look. Listen. Let inspiration find you. You may also meet a curious lizard or roadrunner along the way.

3.    Outdoor Sports

With such beautiful weather and varied geography, Arizona offers the perfect setting for outdoor sports. Active young people can enjoy championship golf courses in Tucson, hang gliding through a desert landscape, fishing along the Colorado River or skiing and snowboarding in Flagstaff.

4.    Unique Attractions

Even though the Grand Canyon is, well, grand, Arizona is also home to many more unique sites. Explore the state’s labyrinth of caves, check out haunted hotels or practice your quick draw in an original settlement of the Old West.

5.    The Economy

The state’s soil seems to be fertile ground for those looking to grow a new business. According to a Forbes article, Arizona tops their list of the five most entrepreneurial states. A “highly educated labor pool with low business and property taxes” helped Arizona secure this title. So go west, young entrepreneur!

6.    Explore America’s Native Culture

Navajo, Apache and Hopi cultures are just part of the Native American legacy that can still be found in Arizona. The descendants of America’s first people preserve a rich heritage that both visitors and Arizona residents should discover.

7.    Shopping

Not all cowgirls wear the blues (jeans, that is). Find famous designer brands or one-of-a-kind accessories from local craftspeople. Scottsdale is known for having some of the best shopping in the nation.

8.    Festivals

Get out and mix with the crowd at large scale music festivals like Sound Wave. Or visit local events like the Arizona Underground Film Festival in Tucson.

9.    Food

Whether you’re looking for Southwestern specialties or international cuisine, you’ll find a new favorite dish at one of Arizona’s award-winning restaurants. Regional specialties include cactus jelly, mesquite honey, prickly pear margaritas and chimichangas – two of the state’s restaurants even claim to have invented them!

10. Great Place to Retire

Even if retirement is far off for you, many Americans consistently vote Arizona as one of the top retirement spots. Clean air and plenty of sunny days help retirees shine in their golden years.

What’s your favorite thing about Arizona?



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