You’ve opened all the presents and you’ve done the first round on your big Christmas dinner. Now what do you do with all those Christmas leftovers? Some people think leftovers are actually the best part of the Christmas meal. Leftovers can let you stretch your creative muscles in the kitchen. From sandwiches to soups, casseroles to curries and pies, making the most of your holiday leftovers can see you feasting right into the new year.

Christmas Risotto

The team over at Sorted know a thing or two about leftovers — particularly when it comes to post-holiday eating. Check out this move away from the basics with a creamy Christmas risotto.

How to Use Leftover Christmas Ham

Wondering what you can do with that massive ham bone? Not sure how many ham sandwiches you can deal with? Check out these handy tips for handling your ham.

Jamie Oliver’s Ultimate Leftover Turkey Sandwich

If your house was serving turkey on Christmas, you already know you’ll be having sandwiches. Let Jamie Oliver show you how to gussy up your plain old turkey sandwich into a towering triumph.

Martha Stewart’s Ideas for Leftover Holiday Ham

Sadly Snoop Dogg isn’t in this clip, but Martha still knows how to transform a hunk of ham into good eating for days.

Christmas Leftovers Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? Take a page out of this guy’s book for creating a homemade pizza with stuff you probably already have on hand, and use up some of those leftovers at the same time.

Leftover Turkey Dip

Hankering for something a little south of the Mason-Dixon line? Join the official double wide diva, Miss Jolene Sugarbaker, and see how you can jazz up your leftover turkey into a game day dip.

Christmas Leftover Pie

Craming your leftovers into pie form is a time-honored tradition across the globe. Better yet, you can get creative with the leftovers you have, from vegetable pies to turkey or ham.

Go Healthy with Christmas Leftovers

Looking for a bit of a detox post-holidays after eating more than your weight in food? Take your Christmas leftovers in a healthy direction with these top tips.

Crispy Christmas Leftover Rolls

Planning on parking yourself in front of the TV for most of the days following Christmas? Try rolling your Christmas leftovers into these crispy, delectable bites for easy hand-held snacking.

Leftover Veggie Strata

If you’re of the vegetarian persuasion or you just have a lot of leftover vegetables, a strata is a great way to either brunch or lunch post-Christmas. Check out Carla Hall’s take on this leftover classic.

Are you currently swimming in leftovers from your holiday meals? What are you doing with your Christmas leftovers? Let us know below!



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