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Tips to Maximize Your Laundry Trips
The Barrington Apartments in Daytona Beach, FL

Laundry is one of those little chores that can really get to you. It keeps piling up, day after day, week after week. We’ve got the steps to laundry efficiency, however, that will make you master of your dirty duds.

Get organized
If you have a laundry area inside your apartment, lucky you! You’ll want to maximize every square inch you have in this area. Plastic bins will keep the area tidy by providing a place to store cleaning chemicals. Folding drying racks and collapsible storage cubes for clean clothes can be slipped alongside machines for compact storage and easy use. With little space to spare, remember how important it is to get those clean clothes folded and put away. You want your clean laundry to stay that way until you need to wear it!

Pack well
You may have a longer walk to get your laundry clean—either to a laundry facility on-site or to a nearby laundromat. Hauling your laundry a distance can make doing the washing even less appealing. With that in mind, laundry efficiency is vital. Make sure you have everything you need before you make the trip!

A portable laundry hamper can make for easy laundry transport. If you can’t fit your detergent, softener, etc. in the hamper, a canvas tote can do the job. Having a dedicated pouch for quarters that you store in a hamper, tote pocket or purse can help you remember to bring enough coins or dollars to make it more of a hassle-free trip.

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Know your clothes
One of the most important keys to conquering your laundry is knowing how to treat the fabric you’re cleaning. Manufacturers’ cleaning recommendations are there to protect your fabric from shrinkage, discoloration and premature aging. Though there may be some wiggle room, for best results, set your washer and dryer settings to follow these guidelines. Before you embark on a washing trip, take the time to sort not just lights and darks, but delicates, too. That way, your favorite blouse won’t get caught up in the towel wash, pummeled by hot water and merciless dryer heat.

Other laundry tips
One of the best ways to keep your clothes in top shape is to treat stains as soon as possible. Washing and drying an untreated stain could make it impossible to get out afterward.

Whether you use a stick or spray, read the label and follow the product’s directions. Note, for instance, how long before laundering the remover can safely stay on the fabric. If your item is delicate, consider a colorfast test on an inside seam to make sure the stain treatment won’t cause the colors to fade or run.

Another laundry tip is to add detergent to the washing machine when the water begins filling, but before putting any items in. This step is especially important with powder detergents to allow the water to dissolve the soap before it hits the fabric.

Don’t let your laundry get you down! Lick this chore with efficient laundry habits and you’ll soon forget why you used to dread doing it so much.



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