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palm trees

Now that warmer weather has arrived, you may be dreaming of tropical beaches and fruity frozen drinks. While it may not be the real deal, you can still bring those island feelings to your apartment. Luckily, tropical decor is one of the top trends of 2019.

There's no need to revamp your whole apartment, either. From bright greens, tropical prints and organic textures, it's easy to add tasteful accents without feeling like you're at a cheesy resort.

Here are six ways to pull off this tropical trend in your apartment.

1. Wallpaper

tropical wallpaper

Wallpaper options are no longer your grandma's yellowed floral patterns. With renters in mind, many companies now deliver removable wallpaper options that are easy to install and can be removed with no damage.

Walls Need Love has tropical-themed options that range from regular palm leaves to a few out of the box options.

If you're going bold with your wallpaper but still have some hesitation, use it in a small room like your bathroom or do a statement wall in your bedroom.


2. Fake plants

fake plants

Lack of natural light or a green thumb used to put a damper on your plant dreams. Not anymore! Thanks to this trend, there's been a surge of realistic fake plant options that don't require either of those things.

Fill up your shelves with small succulents or make space in your living room for a palm tree. Small plant additions can bring that warmth you crave to your apartment.

3. Leaf-printed accessories

leaf-printed blanket

Think pillows, bed sheets or a small rug. Adding leaf-printed accessories to your neutral-colored space will add a little pizzazz to the decor. Stack a neutral color throw pillow with a leaf-printed one for a hint of the tropics.

Play with your art, too! Add a fun palm print to your walls or a trio of tropical leaves with a luxurious gold frame or find small kitchen glasses and towels to incorporate the tropical theme there, too.

4. Beachy colors

beachy colors

If you're not into the vibrant greens, you can still bring the ocean vibes to your apartment without being too cheesy. Make your bedroom your oasis by picking light beach-themed colors. Think soft whites, light blues, turquoise and warm woods.

If you're really feeling the tropical island look, buy a sheer canopy to hang over your bed. It will dramatically change the ambiance of the bedroom and bring you a little closer to island time.

5. Gold accents

gold pineapple

A big part of the tropical decor trend is gold accents, from small pineapples to big ornate mirrors. You can feature gold pineapples through lamps, a shower curtain or fun throw pillows. A big accent mirror can also hang above your bedroom dresser or near the dining room.

The goal is to incorporate these small gold accents into your existing decor, so there's no need for a full renovation.

6. Natural fibers

rattan furniture

If your room is looking a little one note, adding a new natural texture always helps resuscitate your decor.

Rattan furniture and natural fiber rugs make for a great tropical accent in your living room or bedroom. Layer your current rug with a natural fiber woven one or pick one up with a fun neutral pattern. You can also think outside the box. Instead of a rattan chair, add a natural fiber ottoman or a bench.



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