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How to Handle Your Short Move

Moving can be stressful, even if you’re just going a few blocks away. But short moves can be made much less grating if you take some time to plan ahead.

How to Handle Your Short Move

With shorter moves you have options that would never be possible during a longer haul transition. Check out these useful tips for moving a short distance:

Measure Twice; Move Once

Unlike a cross-country move, a short-distance move gives ready access to your new house or apartment. That means you can visit frequently and study the space – head over after work and walk the rooms, measure the closet/cabinet space, and plan where individual items will go.

How to Handle Your Short Move - Measure Twice Move Once

Take the time to map out how your existing living room furniture will fit in the new living room and then plan to move that furniture and its accompanying decor at the same time.

When you move one room at a time rather than unpacking a home's worth of stuff, you can unpack, set up, and be done with the room in one step rather than several. With longer moves, you need to pack everything at the same time and ship it off in bulk; shorter moves let you focus room-by-room, making the transition easier.

Borrow Boxes 

Unless you've been hoarding boxes for months, even packing up a smaller home could mean a trip to the store to buy boxes, bubble wrap, and other packing material. But there are ways you can save a few dollars on supplies if you plan ahead.

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Ask friends for boxes, bins, blankets, and anything else you need. Chances are, most people you ask will have at least a few large cardboard boxes and maybe an empty crate or two they'd be happy to let you use.

Why Rent an 18-Wheeler When a Van Will Do?

If you're moving a short distance, only borrow a moving truck large enough to accommodate the largest piece of furniture you’re moving. If a friend's pickup truck is big enough for that couch or dining room table, then that's the moving truck for you.

How to Handle Your Short Move- Why Rent an 18 Wheeler when a Van Will Do

If you need a larger vehicle, be tactical with its use. Plan to move all your big items in the same day during a few back and forth trips to save you both time and money. You should also try to fit as many smaller items in there as well so there isn’t any wasted empty space in the truck.

Prioritize What You Move and When

If you can move into your new place before you have to leave your old one, get moving right away. Take over the items you know you won’t need during the transition. Cookware, clothes, artwork, and furniture are great places to start.

How to Handle Your Short Move - Prioritize What You Move and When

Out-of-season clothing and items are also good to get out of the way. The last things you move should be what you’re using on a daily basis. If you really need to clean out those closets you can even figure out only what outfits you’ll need and then move the rest of your wardrobe ahead of time.

Thin the Ranks

A move is always a great time to declutter your life and donate, sell, or toss out all that stuff you really don't need. If you have an article of clothing, a piece of furniture, or some artwork that you know you'd never bother moving across the country, then why bother moving it across town?

How to Handle Your Short Move - Thin the Ranks

A short move is still a transition and a new start, and there's no reason not to embrace it as such. Use these tips to help make your move as smooth as possible so you’re starting out your new chapter on a positive note.

Jonathan Deesing is a moving expert and writer for moving resource site imove.com. When he's not playing Moving Truck Tetris, he enjoys beekeeping and puppy wrestling.



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