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Living in an apartment can be stressful if you don’t have the right technology in your home.

Luckily, there are all kinds of innovative gadgets designed specifically to simplify apartment life.

Here are 103 pieces of new tech that will help make your apartment work for you – making it a safer, smarter and more enjoyable place to be.

1. August Smart Lock

Reliable, affordable keyless door locks are here! The August smart lock comes with a video camera and everything’s activated by your smartphone so you can be anywhere and unlock the door for your mom, your dog walker or a trusted delivery service.


2. Blink Camera

It doesn’t matter how secure your building is, these Blink security cameras are small and inexpensive enough to give you peace of mind knowing you can have a 24-hour live feed of your apartment streaming into your smartphone.

3. Sonos One

Sonos one

Photo courtesy of Sonos

If you’re short on space, but still want full audio sound, the Sonos One is about the shape and size of a full roll of toilet paper, and it integrates with Alexa voice control. It’s sort of like an Amazon Echo, but with top-shelf sound quality.

4. Echo Dot

The Echo Dot is another compact speaker system which works with Alexa voice control, but it also makes and takes calls, and it’s compatible with all of the other smart devices in your apartment.

5. Nest Learning Thermostat

This thermostat will actually save you money after a while. Ask your apartment manager if you can switch out your old thermostat for Nest’s latest standard model – besides working with Alexa and your smartphone, it also creates a cooling and heating algorithm for your apartment based on your movements.

6. Belkin Wemo Switch

Turn any switch on in your apartment through an app on your tablet or phone. The Belkin Wemo switch is perfect for keeping your pets out of the dark or as a security measure.

7. Furbo Full HD WiFi Dog Camera


Photo courtesy of Furbo

Speaking of pets, the Furbo dog camera is the next best thing to hanging out with your dog all day. While you’re at the office (or anywhere), you can watch your dog hang out around the apartment. Furbo also sends your phone alerts of what your dog is doing, and it even allows you to throw them actual treats.

8. Netgear Orbi

Whether your apartment is 800 square feet or the size of a grocery store, your WiFi is going to be spotty or slow – or both. Think of the Netgear Orbi as a super-charged router that speeds up your connectivity and eliminates your apartment’s dead spots.

9. Smarter Fridgecam

How many times have you found yourself at the grocery store and you forgot your list? The Smarter Fridgecam pops on your fridge door and sends you photos from the inside. It also learns what you like and sends you reminders.

10. Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19

This lighting system allows you to control the color and brightness of multiple light bulbs at once through Alexa or your phone. It’s pretty cool for small parties, but you also can use it as a security light system.

11. iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Photo courtesy of iRobot

It only makes sense that you automate the vacuuming duties while you’re out of the apartment. The Roomba 960 gets an upgrade in power and now that it’s controlled by an app, you have access to all of its analytics.

12. iTouchless Deodorizer Automatic Sensor Touchless Trash Can

It doesn’t get much easier than this when it comes to dealing with trash. The iTouchless trash can opens when you motion to throw something away and it has a carbon filter to get rid of smelly odors. It looks pretty cool, too.

13. Keurig K-Elite K Single Serve K-Cup Pod Maker

If the real estate on your kitchen countertops is limited, then every square inch counts. This streamlined Keurig single-server is small, quiet and can knock out a hot cup of coffee in minutes.

14. Smart Garden 3

You can still tend tiny gardens if you live in an apartment, even if you don’t have access to fancy automated sprinklers. The Smart Garden allows you to control your plants’ watering schedule from your phone. Your mini tomato garden will never die again.

15. Birdi Monitor

The Birdi monitor goes beyond detecting smoke – its sensors give you an accurate temperature reading of your apartment. It also tracks everything it senses and pings you with regular reports on air quality. It can even detect a cigarette in another room.

16. Eggminder

Photo courtesy of Amazon

You probably don’t know exactly how many eggs you have in your refrigerator. You could get close, but would you know when they expire? Maybe a couple of you could. The rest of us would do well with this egg monitor. You put in in your fridge, sync it to your phone and never wonder about Grade AAs again.

17. Range Digital Thermometer

It’s still kind of a guessing game when it comes to measuring the exact temperature of a thick slice of steak or a football-sized roast. This Range thermometer takes all of the doubt out of the game. Every reading is sent to your phone with full analytic reports, too.

18. Whirlpool Smart Dishwasher

Besides being a strong, reliable machine, Whirlpool’s smart dishwasher can be monitored and controlled from your phone or tablet. The washer also gives you stats on its performance status.

19. Sony Ultra Short Throw Projector

You don’t even need a laptop screen to watch Netflix anymore. This Sony projector is about the size of a short, thick book and it screens anything – from photos to movies.

20. Ecomo Fount

It good to know what kind of water’s coming out of your apartment’s pipes. The Ecomo Fount gives you a full diagnosis of water in three seconds. Even if you don’t drink from your tap, this information is invaluable.



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