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Vacation season: It’s finally here! Maybe you’re headed to a week of relaxing on the beach; maybe you’re jetting off on a fabulous international journey. But before you start packing, no matter where you’re going, you’ve got a few things to take care of in your apartment first. No one wants to worry about what’s going on at home when they’re out of town. So take care of these tasks before you go on vacation, and you’ll rest easy while you’re away.


If you’re like us, you’re enjoying planting flowers and putting away your heavy sweaters as the last chill of winter gives way to the warmth of spring. The warmer weather is always welcome – until it gets too hot, that is. Summer’s not far off, and with it will come soaring temperatures that can leave you uncomfortable in your apartment. You can’t do anything to ward off the dog days of summer, but you can prepare your home ahead of time so those sweltering days don’t bother you too much. Here’s how to ensure you’ll be cool as a cucumber when the heat hits.

Summertime drinks are more affordable when you make them yourself at home!

summer cocktails
Summertime drinks are more affordable when you make them yourself at home!
Summertime trips to the bar and the coffee shop can really add up. One source even estimates that the average American worker spends $20 per week ($1,100 per year) on coffee. But there is hope for those who'd like to keep that cash in their wallets. Find your perfect apartment now! With a blender and a few key ingredients, you can create a number of cool, thirst-quenching beverages without stepping foot outside your apartment. All you need to do is decide which drinks will really satisfy your taste buds. Sip on a cool brew Caffeine addicts don’t need to go cold turkey this summer. Just put your vice on ice – literally! Iced coffee and iced tea have always been popular, and they’re even more delicious when you add an unexpected splash of flavor.

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The piers of Newport Beach, CA, are major tourist draws.
The piers of Newport Beach, CA, are major tourist draws.
Looking for a getaway to a beach town before summer slips you by? Yahoo! Web Trend Expert Carolyn Clark shared with us the top recently-searched beaches on Yahoo! We count down some of the United States’ best, most popular beaches, based on these search results, to help you find the beach of your dreams. Laguna Beach, CA Fifteen-foot waves make Laguna Beach a surfer’s paradise. If you’re looking for a laid-back getaway, you can explore marine life in the beach’s famous tide pools or just kick back and take in the scenery somewhere along Laguna Beach’s seven miles of picturesque Pacific coast.

Summertime brings warm breezes, sunny skies, beach parties and barbecues. It’s a time to get out and enjoy the weather — so why not bring a bit of the outdoors in? You don’t have to make over your entire apartment to enjoy a summery feel in your décor. Use these summer decorating tips to celebrate the season and enliven your space during the warm months. Brighten up Summer is all about color. Just look at what’s happening outside: bright buds are blooming, colorful birds are chirping, and the sky’s a crisp, clear blue. If you want your apartment to reflect a summer scene, move your decorating scheme towards a brighter palette.

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Top Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

In many cities, August means cranking up the AC as high as it will go. If you’re looking to save on the power bill -- or just waiting for your air-conditioning unit to be repaired -- use some creative ways to beat the heat in your apartment. Check out these suggestions for keeping your cool at home in the sweltering season!

Top Metros for Keeping Cool

Click the image to view the full infographic.
Click the image to view the full infographic.
The summer season is in full swing, and in many cities around the country, this means hot weather. REALLY hot. Find your perfect apartment now! In fact, last July was the hottest month on record since 1895, according to NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. We at Apartment Guide want to help you beat the heat and stay comfortable this summer. As temperatures climb, we're sharing some timely tips to help you keep cool in your apartment -- or to find a fun and friendly place nearby where the air is chilly! We're also sharing the cities where it's a little easier to enjoy the summer weather. These top 10 cities report the most air conditioning units, community pools and ceiling fans, based on our data.