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If you have the flexibility to make a strategic decision about the time of year to search, choosing the right month could have a large impact. Though there will be other factors, the ideal time to rent an apartment mostly comes down to one question about your priorities: Are you looking for the best apartment, or the best price?

Remember that hour you gained when Daylight Saving Time ended in the fall? You’re about to lose it again. But chin up – the beginning of Daylight Saving Time means spring is almost here, and with it we’ll get longer days and warmer temperatures. How can you get yourself and your apartment ready for the time change this Sunday, March 11? We’ve got some reminders for you:

Sure, you know where all of the party spring break destinations are: Cancun, South Padre Island, Key West, Miami, New Orleans and Panama City Beach. But where can the person looking to relax and collect their thoughts go for spring…

You’ve finally got the kids out of the apartment and living independently. But what do you do now that you don’t have to plan vacations around school schedules or research kid-friendly destinations? Taking vacations without the kids can be an adjustment. Follow our tips below to plan a great trip and have a good time even though your little birds have left the nest.

It’s early March, which means that spring is less than a month away. Use the next month to get your house in perfect, organized order so you can spend spring enjoying the wonderful weather outside. [find-an-apartment] The following plan is designed to clean from high to low places in your home so you won’t have to go back over any areas. Follow the steps in order for a clean home just in time for spring, and feel free to break up the jobs over the next few weekends so the work doesn’t take up one whole weekend. These items should be done in addition to your normal weekly or biweekly housecleaning.

Indoor allergies caused by dust mites, pet dander and mold trigger allergy and even asthma symptoms in millions of indoor allergy sufferers each year. Spring cleaning is on the horizon! [find-an-apartment] Read on to learn more about our Spring Clean Sweepstakes. While it is impossible to make your home completely allergen-free, below are a few tips to clear most of the bothersome allergens from your apartment.

While you spring clean your home, consider getting your finances in order, too.
While you spring clean your home, consider getting your finances in order, too.
As you spring clean your household this season, take a moment to tidy up your finances and get your personal spending in order. Read on to learn more about our Spring Clean Sweepstakes. [find-an-apartment] Whether you just want a little cushion in your savings account for a rainy day or you’re holding out for a new car or house, organizing your finances is a great way to get started. Here are some of our to-dos to spring clean your budget.

Early spring can be a time of excitement and release, when the temperatures finally warm up after a long and grueling winter. But if you have a green thumb, early spring might fill you with a sense of dread if you haven’t quite prepared your garden for spring planting. Don’t succumb to garden guilt. Here are five easy tips to get your container or community garden in tip-top shape for the spring planting season. [find-an-apartment] In the Weeds If you’ve found that patches of weeds are beginning to grow in your garden, remove them and dispose of them carefully. Pulling or tearing at certain weeds like couch grass causes the roots to spread, so dig them out with a turning fork or trowel. Do not place the weeds in a compost pile, as you won’t want to accidentally spread the seeds around your garden. Once the weeds are clear, do a thorough clean up by removing leaves and other debris from the beds and borders.

Spring Break on a Budget After the long winter months, it seems like spring can't get here soon enough. [find-an-apartment] But if you think that being on a budget will put a damper on your travel plans, not to worry. Get out of your apartment and away from the books for spring break by following these easy tips to let loose on the cheap.

Spring is here, which means it’s time for a seasonal apartment makeover. According to our recent survey, renters strongly prefer decorating with earthy tones like “leafy greens and soil-like browns.” But not everyone likes to play it safe. Vibrant hues and pretty pastels are the way forward, at least for the next few months.

[find-an-apartment] For all the risk-takers out there, brighter days are in store - and we’re not talking about outside! Whether it’s a little or a lot, brilliant colors help to highlight (see what we did there?) the best features of your apartment.