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which cities are best for allergy sufferers

We've rounded up the top 10 best cities to consider if you suffer from those dreaded high pollen counts. Grab a box of tissues and start researching your next move! An apartment in one of these cities could actually be life-changing.

Top 10 US States for Veterans

The United States has military bases all over the world, however most of America’s veterans come home to settle back into American life. Where do they chose to live upon their return? Using research gathered from The US Department of…

most expensive square feet

In a previous article, Apartment Guide looked at internal data to determine apartment rent costs per square foot nationwide. We learned the median rent for an entry-level apartment -- $769 in April of this year -- and how much space that amount would rent in metropolitan areas (metros) around the country. Below is an expanded list to include the twenty most expensive metros for renting by square foot based on internal apartment listings data on Apartment Guide in May 2014. Note that you can adjust the slider in either direction to display metros according to their relative expense by square foot. Keep an eye on what your renting dollar can buy in some of the most desired places to live in the country!

Eco friendly businessman

Did you know that green buildings typically reduce 24 to 50 percent of their energy use, 40 percent of their water use, and reduce solid waste production by 70 percent compared to conventional buildings? The 2011 Green Business Challenge – the first program of its kind on the West Coast – was created to help tenants in the Port of San Diego reduce their environmental impact in the areas of energy, water, waste, air, sustainable business practices and sustainable development. Participating businesses ranged from large industrial and maritime tenants to hotels, restaurants and small businesses.

vegetarian restaurants in california

vegetarian restaurants in california
These vegetarian restaurants in California are so good, you'll never miss the meat.
California’s healthy, eco-friendly mentality is so prevalent that it spreads to practically every aspect of the lives of its residents, so it’s no surprise that some of the best vegetarian restaurants in the country can be found in this sunny state. If you want your plate to be filled with healthy, meat-free options, check out these vegetarian restaurants in California.

pet groups in san diego

Off-leash dog parks are great places to let your pooch run free while you get to know some fellow dog lovers.
Off-leash dog parks are great places to let your pooch run free while you get to know some fellow dog lovers.
If you're a pet lover who has recently moved to San Diego, it can be tough finding like-minded folks that share your passion for pets. So check out our handy guide for San Diego pet lovers. For all you San Diego dog lovers, check out Meetup.com, where several dog groups have already formed.

southern california water parks

southern california water parks
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, located in Valencia, is one of southern California's best water parks.
Though summertime is almost over, the weather in Southern California is still warm and calls for plenty of outdoor activities. Luckily, Southern California offers up plenty of things to do, whether you’re with your friends or family, including bike trails, fishing trips, snorkeling and beach trips, as well as water parks. Get out of your apartment and celebrate the end of summer with your friends and family at one of these Southern California water parks.

Model train set

  Photo Credit: iStockphoto/onfilm Long after trains were introduced and helped propel the United States into the Industrial Age, model train sets appeared on the scene and appealed to children as toys. According to www.modeltrainstoday.com, the Marklin company produced the…