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Sacramento is California's capital, and as it's situated between the Bay Area and the Sierra Nevada mountains, it's also known for being one of the prettiest cities in a beautiful state. Sacramento residents love exploring the city's arts and culture…


Ahoy to all you local-source-loving, sustainable-seeking, dedicated foodie enthusiasts! As you well know, the ship has sailed on boring dining. A resurgence in the experience of eating well is waiting to be found in great restaurants across the nation – likely in your city! When your cravings dictate a trip outside your apartment kitchen, you know you’re going to spend some dough, however. If you’re going to splurge on cuisine, how can you ensure you’ll enjoy a worthwhile meal? We’ll help you make the most of your on-the-town budget with these considerations and tips. Good eating to you!

vegetarian restaurants in california

vegetarian restaurants in california
These vegetarian restaurants in California are so good, you'll never miss the meat.
California’s healthy, eco-friendly mentality is so prevalent that it spreads to practically every aspect of the lives of its residents, so it’s no surprise that some of the best vegetarian restaurants in the country can be found in this sunny state. If you want your plate to be filled with healthy, meat-free options, check out these vegetarian restaurants in California.

brewpubs in portland

brewpubs in portland
Check out these stellar watering holes in Portland, OR.
Oregon is a state that loves its beer. In fact, there are currently 120 brewing companies operating 153 brewing facilities throughout the state, and beer connoisseurs from across the world pay homage to this magical brew at the Oregon Brewers Festival, the largest collective of independent craft brewers in the United States. Portland has more breweries than any other city in the world, at 51, and countless brew pubs where you can sample the region’s finest. We’ve rounded up our favorite brew pubs in the City of Roses, so pull up a well-worn bar stool and wash down great grub with the best local brews at these establishments.


Whether you fancy yourself a beer connoisseur or you’re just an occasional beer drinker, Sacramento has several breweries in town to test out new beers. These breweries typically include a well-planned menu and a staff that can explain beer pairings.…

best green establishments in portland

best green establishments in portland
The Heathman Hotel is one of Portland's greenest establishments, thanks to its sustainability practices.
Portland, Oregon, is nicknamed the “Rose City” because of its ideal climate and lush, green beauty. Portland is also known as one of the most environmentally friendly, green cities in the world because of its extensive public transportation networks, efficient use of land and businesses committed to sustainable practices. If you’re planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest or if you already live in this gem in a city, read on to the best green establishments in Portland.

Natural beauty, great weather and unique attractions are just a few reasons why you should consider moving to Arizona.

reasons to move to arizona
The beautiful scenery is just one reason to move to Arizona.
Are you ready to ditch the cramped quarters of city living? Longing for wide-open spaces or a new environment to expand your mind and excite your senses? Find all of these, and perhaps yourself, in Arizona. With hundreds of thousands of breathtaking acres to explore, Arizona also offers renowned restaurants, shopping, abundant wildlife, centuries-old archaeological sites and a variety of sports to welcome new residents. Check out these reasons to save your pennies and move to the Copper State!

Long Island visitors and residents can get their seafood fix year-round at a number of markets and restaurants.

Long Island visitors and residents can get their seafood fix year-round at a number of markets and restaurants. Long Island, N.Y. is a great place to nosh on fresh seafood, as it’s practically jutting out into the waters of the…

best doughnut places

best doughnut places
Mmmmm ... doughnuts. Which of these divine doughnut stops have you tried?
A culinary medium lending itself to unique combinations, outrageous toppings and crazy shapes, the doughnut is one of the most versatile foods around. The Dutch are largely credited with inventing doughnuts in the 19th century, but you don’t have to travel to Europe to try this treat, as some of the best fried rings can be found stateside (and no, we’re not talking about Krispy Kreme). Since the month of October is National Doughnut Month, you’ll want to go ahead and start planning ahead with our list of the best doughnut places nationwide. After all, who can resist the siren call of a hot, freshly made doughnut glistening with glaze?

unique neighborhoods in Atlanta

As the capital of the southern state of Georgia and the ninth largest metropolitan area in the United States, Atlanta is a vibrant and diverse city, booming with commerce, a strong economy, arts and cultural activities and world class dining…