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Photo Credit: iStockphoto/lisegagne You and your girlfriends have done countless road trips to the beach, bar crawls and nights at the club in your hometown. When it’s time to shake things up, cash in your frequent flyer miles and head…


Building and having a strong relationship with your neighbors positively affects your living situation. Good neighbors make our lives more pleasant, and it gives us a sense of community. This goes beyond knowing the neighbor on either side of your apartment; this includes getting to know the other residents in the building. Whether you’ve been there for years or you’re new to the apartment community, meeting your neighbors may be awkward at first, but here are a few ideas to get you started.


You’ve heard about cool colors and warm colors, complimenting tones and conflicting ones and what your favorite color might mean, but what about the color of your bedroom? You spend more time in your bedroom than any other room in the house, so the color of the walls can be an important decision. Read on to find out what your bedroom wall color says about you.


When a couple decides to share a living space, it can be a fun, exciting time. It also means big changes for both of you. But don’t worry. This helpful checklist will guide you through the process of moving in together without making each other crazy.


Are you guilty of turning the thermostat up or down when your partner isn't looking? Don’t be ashamed, lots of us are guilty of this apartment/relationship sin. And the deception is sure to increase as winter approaches.

Much like men are from Mars and women are from Venus, it’s been said that men are always hot while the ladies tend to be cold. But how does this gender disparity bode for the living quarters when both disagree on the temperature? Adjusting the thermostat every hour is the last thing you want to do. Trust us - that heating bill will skyrocket! Some might even suggest separate beds or separate rooms - gasp! So, what can the two of you do to remain comfortable and warm (or cool) this season?


As the days become shorter and nights grow longer, you may yearn for more sunshine in your apartment. Though you can’t control the weather, you can add happiness and warmth to your space by channeling all things feel-good and smile-inducing. Ward off Seasonal Affective Disorder before it begins by adding a few of the cheery objects or actions below into your home.

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Practice Proper Apartment Pool Etiquette

One of the reasons you picked your apartment was the complex’s community pool, and now that it’s almost summer, you can finally use it. But a day of relaxation at the pool can often come with the headaches of too many guests, obnoxious music and screaming children. Practice and preach the following apartment pool etiquette to make you and your fellow residents’ summer pool experience enjoyable.

Gay Rainbow Flag Crowd Celebrating National Coming Out Day

You have a new roommate who identifies as queer. They’re great! They have an adorable cat, a sweet sense of style, and you share a love of Orange is the New Black. You’d like to keep them around, but you’ve…

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It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is Feb. 14. Every year, couples around the world come together and partake in romantic dinners and display grand gestures of love. But what if you’re happily (or not so happily) single?

Ways to Celebrate Singles Awareness Day

Don’t fret, because there’s a special day for you, too. While couples give and receive chocolates, flowers and stuffed bears and blissfully stare into each other’s eyes, those without a significant other can get together on Singles Awareness Day and celebrate the freedom and independence of being unattached. Here are a few ways to celebrate this day of self love in your apartment.