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The best dog parks in Portland offer plenty of green space for your furry friend to run around.

Some dogs, such as border collies and Jack Russell terriers, make great pets but require daily exercise to rid them of excessive energy. If you live in an apartment community or have a small backyard, you may need to exercise your lively dog at a nearby dog park. Fortunately, dog parks are plentiful in Portland, a city known for its local culture and miles of green space. See below for our picks for the best in the area.

Where will you celebrate New Year's Eve in Portland, OR? We've got some ideas.

Whether you’re celebrating the end of one of your best years or waving goodbye to it, New Year’s Eve is an excuse to dress up and treat yourself to a great dinner that you don’t often get to enjoy. Or, New Year’s Eve is a good reason to get together with your best friends and party until the New Year starts. Dust off your black tie and make a reservation, or purchase your tickets in advance to get into some of the most popular events in Portland this year.

Let your authentic eccentricity flag fly! Check out these hipster-friendly towns.

Are you wearing a flannel shirt, skinny jeans, a vintage tee, a mustache or vintage eyewear? Find your perfect apartment now! Consider your calendar: do you have plans to hear an indie band play live, attend an art gallery opening, or meet up with your closest friends for craft pints at a gastropub? If you answered yes to at least 3 of these, then, my friend, you are very likely a participant in the hipster phenomenon. If you don’t already live in one of the cities cited by Travel and Leisure that best serve the hipster set, then you might want to scope out an apartment in one of these hip places where the welcome mat is rolled out to the authentic and eccentric!

Mmmmm ... doughnuts. Which of these divine doughnut stops have you tried?

A culinary medium lending itself to unique combinations, outrageous toppings and crazy shapes, the doughnut is one of the most versatile foods around. The Dutch are largely credited with inventing doughnuts in the 19th century, but you don’t have to travel to Europe to try this treat, as some of the best fried rings can be found stateside (and no, we’re not talking about Krispy Kreme). Since the month of October is National Doughnut Month, you’ll want to go ahead and start planning ahead with our list of the best doughnut places nationwide. After all, who can resist the siren call of a hot, freshly made doughnut glistening with glaze?

Food trucks line the streets in Portland, full of delicious eats on the go.

When you think about street food, you might think of hot dog vendors in New York City, cheesesteak shanties in Philadelphia or taco trucks in Los Angeles. But there’s one city that is challenging foodies to think again: Portland, Ore. Portland is changing the face of the food cart movement, a culinary coup d’état that shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, there are currently more than 640 licensed food carts in Multnomah County, with new carts popping up nearly every day. At these colorful mobile establishments in Portland, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself consuming unique delights that rival offerings from top restaurant chefs. The only difference is that you might be sitting curbside instead of inside.

Portland's Farmers Markets

If you haven’t tried shopping at your local farmers market yet, you’re missing out. Not only are you getting the freshest produce when shopping at farmers markets, but you are also supporting your community and local economy. Today, farmers markets are popping up all over the place, from year-round markets to seasonal popup markets. The same goes for Portland; there is no shortage of farmers markets. Thinking about going green? Here’s your opportunity to try with our list of Portland’s farmers markets.

Check out these stellar watering holes in Portland, OR.

Oregon is a state that loves its beer. In fact, there are currently 120 brewing companies operating 153 brewing facilities throughout the state, and beer connoisseurs from across the world pay homage to this magical brew at the Oregon Brewers Festival, the largest collective of independent craft brewers in the United States. Portland has more breweries than any other city in the world, at 51, and countless brew pubs where you can sample the region’s finest. We’ve rounded up our favorite brew pubs in the City of Roses, so pull up a well-worn bar stool and wash down great grub with the best local brews at these establishments.

The Heathman Hotel is one of Portland's greenest establishments, thanks to its sustainability practices.

Portland, Oregon, is nicknamed the “Rose City” because of its ideal climate and lush, green beauty. Portland is also known as one of the most environmentally friendly, green cities in the world because of its extensive public transportation networks, efficient use of land and businesses committed to sustainable practices. If you’re planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest or if you already live in this gem in a city, read on to the best green establishments in Portland.

The Pearl district of Portland, OR, is one of America's hippest neighborhoods, according to Forbes.

Forbes has ranked the hippest neighborhoods in the United States. By looking at key factors like which neighborhoods are home to people with artistic jobs, a large concentration of farmers’ markets and food trucks, and high walkability scores, the magazine’s research turned up some of the most interesting spots to hang out in the country. The top three they found, in order, are: • Silver Lake in Los Angeles, Calif. • The Mission District in San Francisco, Calif. • Williamsburg, Brooklyn, N.Y. But what about the other hip hangouts from the 20 places featured? Here are five of our faves.

Brunch meal

Brunch is the ultimate weekend luxury. You can sleep in, amble up to the table at your favorite spot, down a few mimosas and take your time while you indulge in not-quite-breakfast, not-quite-lunch fare. You probably already have a favorite…