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Omaha Nebraska skyline at sunset

Omaha, Nebraska, is an underrated gem of the Midwest. Sure, Chicago and Milwaukee may be bigger, but Omaha and its residents have a character all their own. The Nebraska city is known for many things, including being home to five…

green-friendly apartments

Top Ten Metros for Green-Friendly ApartmentsAccording to a survey of 200,000 apartment residents conducted by the National Multi Housing Council and Kingsley Associates, 71% expressed interest in green considerations for apartment living. For 23% of respondents, green practices were a basic requirement in choosing an apartment community. Apartment Guide has assembled the top cities with apartment communities which actively support green living. According to our data, more apartments in these ten cities offer a combination of apartment options with LEED Certification, energy-efficient windows, lighting and plumbing, and drought-resistant landscaping to help use water more efficiently. If you value an apartment living experience that embraces conservation and green living, you're sure to find a home you'll be proud of in one of these cities!

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They’re here again! It seems the holiday season starts just a bit earlier each year. If you’re feeling a little “bah, humbug!” about the return of the holidays, perhaps we can lift your spirits. Here at Apartment Guide, we’ve given some thought to the challenges of apartment entertaining. Take a look at our feng shui tips on how to set up a comfortable party at home in your apartment this season. We’ve also scoured our apartment listing information to find the overall best cities for apartment entertaining. According to our data, apartment dwellers in ten certain cities enjoy the most at-home advantages that make holiday entertaining a pleasure. These cities boast the most apartments with balconies, island kitchens, dishwashers, washers and dryers in-unit, microwave ovens and extra storage space. With all these amenities, hosting a holiday party is much easier and a lot more enjoyable!

Check out the cities where closets give you more room to spread out.

Apartment Guide Reveals the Best Cities for Closet Space

If spacious closet real estate is high on your apartment priority list, Apartment Guide has information you need. In cities across the country, closet storage varies greatly. Apartment Guide analyzed its own nationwide rental listings, looking specifically at storage square footage. In May, the Huffington Post and Triangle Business Journal reported on Apartment Guide’s research revealing the cities with the largest average closet space. Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, and the Kansas City-Lawrence, Missouri areas topped the list for generous, out-of-the-way storage. After the jump, check out the full list of cities offering more spacious storage.


Named after an American Indian Tribe, Omaha means "those going against the wind or current." Today, the city is home to an eclectic mix of artists, musicians, and bohemian gathering spots. As its name implies, much of Omaha is anything…

most affordable cities
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If you're a college student, chances are you're on a limited budget. A life of ramen noodles and frozen pizzas might be your reality, and, even though you're living in an exciting college apartment in a cool town, you might not have the cash flow to really enjoy yourself. Luckily, with a little know-how and some creativity, you can have a great time in your city without breaking the bank. Read on to find out about the top free or inexpensive things to do in the most affordable college towns in the nation.

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